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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jan 1, 2014.

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  1. Sup bros, been trying a bunch of different cigarettes lately, but I can't find anything that beats my Marboral 27's. To me, it has such great flavor, but the only thing is it burns fast. If i put the sucker down for a minute the cigarette is half gone, which is sort of a drag in itself.

    So, what are your favorite cigs? Help me find the perfect cancer
  2. When I used to dabble a bit I enjoyed pall mall bold. They're inexpensive and have decent flavour.
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  3. Turkish royals
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  4. Lambert and Butler silver or Embassy red.
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  5. never heard of any of this
  6. Yeah was gonna edit the post and say we have major brand differences as Pall Mall over here aren't a big deal.
  7. Pall Mall when I have no money and Marlboro Gold when I gots monies.
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  8. Pall Mall is bottom of the barrel where I'm from. cheapest cig we carry in my store
  9. Camel >> Marlboro
  10. Only had Camel like once, they're the ones in the cool blue pack yeah?
  11. Ah right thats why I don't know them I have expensive taste when it comes to smoking.
  12. classy bugger
  13. My dad smokes Marlboros, the ones in the red pack. Don't know about smokes other than that.
  14. dem cowboy killers
  15. Turkish Royals are good, I prefer Camel blue's but that's just me. @Farooq those are cowboy killers. I smoke those, then wake up feeling like someone raped my throat.

    EDIT: I think turkish royals are called Camel Blue's now, so yeah they real good.
  16. I sometimes get blues to mix it up but Royals are super smooth and taste decent enough to me
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  17. Well I don't smoke. :lady: So just continue on with your discussion boys
  18. I don't think i've had turkish royals actually, I keep thinking camel Blue's are turkish royals. I'm going to buy a pack today.
  19. lmk what you think. I'm about to go out for a smoke break now that we've been talking about it
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