Get ready for an IWC explosion, but Punk or Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. CM Punk

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  2. Daniel Bryan

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  1. If one of these two HAD to be fired, who would you want that to be? In this unforeseen scenario where the IWC can only have one "IWC darling", which would you guys prefer?

    One of them is arguably the best wrestler in the world (no, not CM Punk :haha:) in Daniel Bryan. Where one of them is arguably the best talker in the world in CM Punk.

    You choose. Vote in the poll AND post who you voted for and why.
  2. Fire Bryan, seriously the comedy shit needs to end and this is the least painful way out for everyone. Plus he could go tour Japan again :gusta:
  3. Career based: Bryan.

    Dude could do so, so, so much better at another place.

    Punk is already solid in the business, where Bryan is just a puppet right now.
  4. Fire Punk and replace with Bryan. Simple.
  5. I thought I was voting for who was better
  6. I'd fire that vanilla midget Daniel Bryan! CM Punk has more to offer WWE than Bryan. I can't imagine a guy like Bryan in the same situation against Cena, The Rock, Undertaker or maybe even Austin in the future (rumored WM30 match.) I wouldn't want to fire Bryan, but I'd take Punk over him easily.

    Also, I hate polls where you can't see who voted for which option.
  7. Fire Punk. On personal preferance I believe that Bryan is the more solid guy to have in the company (long term, injuries, work ethic and from the view of being "a company guy") compared to Punk. Punk might be a brighter burning star but Bryan is a star that will burn longer. He's getting the Kurt Angle treatment right now so.
  9. Bryan obviously. The Dazzler simply does not stay fired, he's proven that.
  10. Do I really need to say? CM Punk obviously. Greatest of all time, and it's not even close!
  11. Personally I'd fire Bryan, For his sake! Punk's one of the top dogs in the WWE and Business wise would be a better investment. Also it means Bryan can go back to being creative in his own way, not pushed in a comedy role like he is at the moment.
  12. I would fire Punk just because I want to see Bryan as WWE champion at least once. CM Punk is a good talker, but he has his off days. Daniel Bryan is consistently a good wrestler and talking on the mic is something that can be learned.
  13. Talking on the mic would be much harder to learn than wrestling. I'd put it down to natural charisma, having not seen much of Bryan's mic work I can't tell whether he's great or not. But really it comes down to having the confidence to say what you like, what annoys you and saying the things most people don't like to hear.

    I enjoy Bryan's wrestling, but ultimately if you have a wrestler who can do both, it seems silly firing him.
  14. I would fire Bryan Danielson, simply because he is used as a comedy act in the WWE. And I much rather see him wrestle in Japan. He has the talent to be a better quality wrestler, than what he is portrayed to be in the WWE.
  15. Bryan is decent on the mic, he's not on Punk's level though and the same would go vice versa for Punk. I still think that mic work would be easier than wrestling because it's essentially just monologing. Wrestling would be a whole different thing because it requires many more things to be trained at in order to wrestle well, like conditioning.
  16. career wise i say fire Bryan as he deserves better then what he is getting and i really don't see him amounting to much in wwe sadly.
  17. This is basically the "Who would you send to TNA" thread.

    So I voted Bryan.
  18. "Barney kills himself" sounds like a funny pic, but it's not showing up.
  19. Spoiler: It's not the dinosaur.
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