Get ready to cry

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. I'm optimistic because Meltzer reported this but seriously if this is true I'll cry. Fuck Sheamus.
  2. Get ready to commit suicide

    :win: I love Sheymoose.
  3. Get ready to commit suicide

    Sheamus is 35 :shock:
    I did not know that.

    I also call BS on this. Why would Vince pick the next top someone who is the same age as John, that makes no sense...
    You aught to be looking at the likes of Tyson Kidd, people like that, to be 'grooming' for the top spot.

    There's no way Sheamus would draw like Cena. He's just not over enough.
  4. Get ready to commit suicide

    Or talented enough.

    Sheamus doesn't seem to have injuries though where as Cena is picking a few up recently. Sheamus' body is probably in much better shape in terms of how much it's been beaten, though he looks like a moron and has like zero cardio.
  5. RE: Get ready to commit suicide

    That's true. People say Cena can't wrestle, but by god Sheamus is something else. :urm:

    Because Sheamus hasn't had the hectic schedule Cena has for the past x years. He does look like a moron, and I probably have more cardio than him. :burns:
  6. RE: Get ready to commit suicide

  7. Get ready to commit suicide

    Just make Daniel Bryan the star of the show and WWE will be awesome again.
  8. Get ready to commit suicide

    Justin Gabriel > All
  9. Get ready to commit suicide

    Makes no sense. Sheamus isn't any good with the crowds. Most like myself don't even understand his accent. Anyone would easily get bored of listening to him after a minute. No way he should be the new top guy.
  10. RE: Get ready to commit suicide

    :no: :no: :no:

    In all seriousness, DB makes every terrible booking awesome so as soon as he is done with Kane and turns face again, he could be the future of WWE. Besides, he is what, 31? He isn't that old.
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  11. Get ready to commit suicide

    DB sucks at being face. He should just stay as tweener with Kane or heel.
  12. RE: Get ready to commit suicide

    I must say, he is a tiny bit better at being heel and makes interesting story lines although I am sure he wouldn't suck if he was made the face of the company.
  13. RE: Get ready to commit suicide

    Did DB really have a chance at a major face run? I say we wait til he does before we pass off judgement.
  14. RE: Get ready to commit suicide

    When he was first in the company he did.
  15. RE: Get ready to commit suicide

    Well, he was the the MITB winner and a WHC for some time before turning heel so those should count as "major face run".

    After he became heel with the YES gimmick, everyone loved it. Now, I think he's a tweener with Kane and people love it even more.
  16. RE: Get ready to commit suicide

    DB's face run was boring but it wasn't his fault. His character was too bland, he rarely got any promo time and was booked like a superman, and all of those were bad. For the rest of his face run he was pretty much a jobber. Maybe he could work as a face if given the right gimmick, but he will never be THE face of the company because of his look. Sheamus is a bad pick and it seems like something HHH would do. Sheamus has horrible cardio, is meh in the ring and as old as Cena. Plus, I (for one) don't find him entertaining on the mic or anything. So, no thanks. But then again, not really sure of someone who's under 30 and could be the future. Remember guys, they'll never pick someone who's not "big enough".
  17. Get ready to commit suicide

    All ages are not created equal. Sheamus is a young 35, while Cena is an old as fuck 35. This is a point I always make for athletes, particularly RBs in the NFL. If a guy is 26 or 27 but has been getting 300 carries a season for 5 years, he is an old RB. But if you are a 30 year old RB who has never been a feature back, you don't have nearly as much wear on your tires.

    That said, fuck Sheamus. No thank you. I can't take him seriously tbh. Not as a face, at least. I can't picture him being the face of a company... at all.
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  18. RE: Get ready to commit suicide

    DB was never a face as WHC. His heel turn came when he cashed in because it exposed his character as a lying hypocrite who went back on his word.
  19. Get ready to commit suicide

    This quickly turned into a "*My favourite superstar* should be face"

    If WWE was smart, they'd turn Sheamus into a monster heel, CM keep him the heel he is, give Cena a break and make someone else who is younger and has more talent be the Face of the company.
  20. Get ready to commit suicide

    offensive title
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