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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Stopspot, Jun 17, 2015.

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  1. Hello forums, want to play a little game?

    I figured we could use another little forum game, and after testing it out with Shadow I decided what the hell, let's play!

    The premise is simple. Make up a fact about the poster above you. For example: "Shadow once ate a ghost pepper, with paper cuts on his tongue".

    Rules are slack, but try and avoid to be outright insulting to each other. I trust you all to know were the line is and not to cross it.

    Other than that, hit me with your best shot.
  2. Stopspot once drove a bus full of domesticated, Lebanese cats off of a cliff and jumped out beforehand just for the hell of it.
  3. Shadow once fapped while on a airplane before it exploded with penguin bombers.
  4. Fooq once stole my TV and drove away with it and started a car chase.
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    Senhor once rode down the Niagra falls dressed in only a pickle suit.
  6. Stopspot once violently beat a man with a prosthetic leg because he was Norwegian.
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  7. Solidus once doused himself in wolf urine and hid in a box in the woods for a fortnight trying to befriend wolves. Little did he know that wild wolves were hunted to extinction in the UK long ago.
  8. Some dude in an orange leotard posed in front of a poster...He needs a haircut.
  9. Nice Person once went to a party and drunk so much that he declared his love for My Little Pony and Hentai. The following morning he blamed it on the drink, but was then told it was all alcohol-free.
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  10. Solidus is the WWEF avatar of Vince Russo.

  11. Waco is said to be composed ot 80% helium. Others say he just slid down too many banisters as a kid.
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  12. Despite denying it, Stopspots Swedish meatballs are indeed made of horse meat.
  13. Senhor is a secret lover of the butt

    Wait, this has to be made up, right? Jk big guy luh u
  14. Danielson is not an avid lover of sport and instead prefers to watch the Art of Dancing and Ice Skating on saturday nights. He also enjoys watching TNA.
  15. Some say that if you lick Forrest's chest it tastes exactly the same as Piccalilly, and that at the Brit Awards he was arrested for goosing Russell Brand.
  16. If you tickle Seabs belly, he sneezes gummi bears.
  17. If you rub Stop's bald head, you'd be granted with 3 wishes from a genie that lives in his head (where his brain should be).
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