Getting a new laptop tomorrow

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  1. My parents are stopping by tomorrow and my dad said they wanted to buy me a new electronics apparatus as a birthday gift. He suggested a ipad since he himself just got one but I said I'd much rather have a laptop since I see more use in one for me so he said okay as long as it isn't more expensive than a ipad. Gonna go check on laptops tomorrow when they visit.

    Imagine. Live discussion on one computer and RAW/Smackdown/Impact/PPV on the other.


    If I ever get a tablet I am getting a Google Nexus.
  2. Very nice, always good to get a new computer.
  3. This will leave me with one big ass gaming rig and two laptops, one with a cracked screen but still working.
  4. I only have one table computer, no laptops. I don't really need any other computers at the moment I think, but it's nice when you have a use for both. A new computer would probably just be taken over by my parents.
  5. I'm a bit of a tech junkie or gadget junkie so having multiple computers is no problem. My dad is one in denial and mom to too an extent. Their apartment has a TV in every room. Even the balcony.
  6. That's a lot of TVs. :dawg:
  7. I swear only the kitchen and bathroom lacks TV's and when I pointed that out to my father he went "Hmmmmm"
  8. :lol1: I only have three TVs, one in the living room, one in the kitchen and my monitor (which is also a TV).
  9. To get more people in here. @[Seabs] what do you think of the Nexus as a tablet? Any experience with it?
  10. Not used it but from what I've read it's dope, the Nexus 7 is apparently the best on the market as it's a bridge between tablets and phones making it a lot easier to use for most people. My Xoom is too big to use for too long if that makes sense, so I should look at picking one up actually :hmm:
  11. I'm thinking of getting one once I have a job.
  12. My phone has a MP3 player. And a calculator. :obama:
  13. My phone doesn't even have a battery cover, dog decided to eat it :downer:
  14. My phone is pretty darn sweet, HTC Desire.
  15. :terry:
  16. HTC's are pretty awesome, I have a Motzart currently however I'm hoping to move to Samsung soon just cos the SIII looks dope.
  17. "Teacher the dog ate my battery cover" :okay:
  18. My one randomly broke :emoji_slight_frown:
  19. Your phone I presume then? Poor baby.

    Got the laptop today.

    HP Paviliion G6,

    quad core processor
    Radeon graphics
    750 gig harddrive
    6144mb RAM.
    15.6 inch screen.
  20. Yep :upset:

    Was gonna go for that but went for a samsung instead, you do uploading and stuff so the upgrade will defimitely be worth it for you, I was told to go a couple of Hundred quid down for my uses.
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