Getting myself a tattoo

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  1. I already have 3 tattoos, two on either side of my neck, and 1 on my right upper arm.

    I am getting a new tattoo on my right lower arm, anyone got any suggestions or ideas? I am looking for something creative, not just a random wwe wrestler type design.
  2. Penis on your forehead, plz.
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  3. Or lips !
  4. Get "I know nothing about football" on both feet.
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  6. Draw something yourself, or let a friend draw something, or let the tattoo artist speak his mind with you implying elements into his drawing.
  7. the word DICKS separated by letters onto each of your knuckles pls.
  8. If you are asking random people what tattoo you should get you probably shouldn't rush into getting another tattoo.
  9. Just copy paste that shit onto your back.
  10. Lady be quiet, men are talking about tattoos here :maybe:


    not creative enough


    Because i own you at football debates everytime? :pipebomb:
  11. Uhh... that was another user, not me...? Wtf?
  12. You arent the only Lady in the world you know? :isee:
  13. Oh, you capitalized Lady. Thought you meant me.
  14. What kind of hobbies do you have? Link it in to that.
  15. That might be a good idea, i will think about it.
  16. I was thinking that maybe i can get a tattoo saying "Best in the world" in a creative way maybe with a design or something to add. ANyone got any ideas or any pictures? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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