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  1. #GetWell

    Kris Travis is one of the fastest rising professional wrestlers in the UK. His name and reputation have quickly been spreading. Travis was to be a much anticipated part of the upcoming collaboration between ROH and Preston City Wrestling.

    Recently, Kris Travis went public with his battle with cancer. It has taken him out of action for the near future. Travis wants his fans to know he's fighting back on the road to recovery, but the wrestling world wants HIM to know he has our full support.

    Athletes from all over the planet have come forward to support Kris Travis, and that includes Ring of Honor. PCW has posted more information and links about Travis and his career HERE as part of the #GetWellTrav campaign.

    Kris Travis will definitely be missed on November 28th when ROH and PCW come together for SUPERSHOW OF HONOR. But every single wrestler and fan there will be supporting his fight and waiting for his return! For more information on Preston City Wrestling, click HERE.

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