Other GFW Roster Page Released

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  1. The majority of the roster had been revealed not too long ago, maybe a couple of weeks.. however they didn't have a roster page set up yet on their site.. well as of a few days ago they do now and here it is.. http://globalforcewrestling.com/roster/

    Check it out, what do you guys think so far?
  2. I'll be watching their shows, definitely.
    The roster doesn't seem bad at all, but the problem is that most of those guys won't be able to work for GFW full time.
  3. Does any of them have a contract?
  4. They all have "contracts" they're not full time deals by any means due to partnerships with other promotions they are free to move around as scheduled.. I believe PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) and Murdoch (Brodus Clay) are the two with actual full time deals but they are still allowed to participate in promotions GFW is allied with if contacted and are interested.
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  5. Steiner is the important part.
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  6. Damn skippy. :steiner:
  7. Roster is average, nothing special about it.