News GFW Teasing Major Championship Announcement

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Aug 15, 2017.

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  1. Global Force Wrestling is teasing a major championship announcement after they stripped Alberto El Patron of the title this week. Here is the announcement:

    “We have just learned that this Thursday, LIVE on IMPACT Presented by GFW, at Destination X, Bruce Prichard will make a Championship Announcement that will rock GFW and IMPACT to it’s very core.

    IMPACTWrestling.Com has reached out to Bruce for comment and Bruce informed us he will not say anything about this until he is in Orlando LIVE at Destination X.

    Don’t miss IMPACT this week to find out what Bruce Prichard will have to say about the future of the World Title. “

    This week’s Impact Wrestling will be on a “live” taped delay. We will be providing spoiler coverage all weekend, as they are expected to tape 12 episodes of television this week.

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  2. This reminds me back when Foley came to TNA and he said he was going to make an announcement and it would be the biggest announcement in pro wrestling history. And their idea of the biggest announcement in pro wresting history was that Foley invested in TNA and was the new authority figure.

    I've been giving GFW another chance lately, but I won't assume this is anything more than another overstatement by them.
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  4. I mean, I wouldn't call it an overstatement as much as it's just wrestling hyperbole 101. That said, having someone stripped of the world title, or whatever they come up with in storyline for him losing it, is definitely something that affects a company and it's roster in a major way. I would assume they are just gonna announce a tournament to declare a new champ, but I wouldn't mind them doing something else, either. Also, I personally am loving this "kinda sorta probably evil" type of heel character they have going for Bruce.
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  5. Well an overstatement is really just a hyperbole :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    But I do enjoy vacant titles and what happens with them.

    I also like Bruce having more screen time. I loved him back when he was Brother Love and the guy has great stage presence for a man who has mostly been backstage.
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  6. I mean, yes, but...shut up, I only woke up like 15 minutes ago lol.

    Bruce has always been a great on screen character, but the way his current character is awesome to me especially. Unlike most heel authority figures, Bruce's character actually makes sense, and isn't just doing evil things all the time just for the sake of it. I like how he is very fair, though just bends things occasionally to suit his own agenda. I'm sure in time we will get the over the top heel antics, and an eventual war between Bruce and Dutch and Karen. But for now, I enjoy what I see in the authority figures
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