GFW GFW TV show will be called "Amped"

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jul 10, 2015.

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  1. But still no news on a TV deal. Kinda running before walking there, Jeff.
  2. inb4 Youtube show
  3. They're obviously replacing TNA.
  4. Don't really dig it tbh. Reminds me of velocity.
  5. Interesting I suppose. I wonder how they will show it though.
  6. Amped? That strikes me as a name for an energy drink. :smirk2:
  7. [​IMG]
    Close enough. And if you read those cans, you will find all of GFW's secondary web shows. Tune into GFW Sugar Free every Sunday at 6 on Youtube for your weekly recap of all GFW action
  8. So who's broadcasting this show?.. I haven't heard of them having a TV deal yet but it sounds like they do, tv tapings and everything coming up.
  9. They have no TV deal. They just call shows TV tapings to seem bigger than they are. Jarrett can't possibly be so stupid he'd start filming TV without a deal in place.
  10. This is the guy who made a little money by selling TNA "TV tapings" as "weekly pay-per-views" before TNA got their first television deal.

    With the spread of iPPV's, it wouldn't surprise me to have GFW Amped (not a great name, not a terrible name...just a name) as an internet exclusive available PPV for a while until a TV deal can be secured.

    I, too, however, think there may be a TV deal already nearly complete. They may just be crossing t's and dotting i's before it's announced.

  11. [​IMG]
    GFW, doing TNA better than TNA.


    Now if only there was an actual TV deal in place.
  12. Any numbers on attendance at the tapings?

    Or a place where the show will be broadcast (ippv or whatever) without a TV deal?

  13. I cannot find any info on attendance, but I am sure there is some floating about. And as usual there is no talk at all about when/where this will be broadcast...So I expect Bahli in 2017 when both TNA and GFW are gone.
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  14. Nice crowd for their first show. Needs a better entrance stage, but can change overtime.
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  15. Yeah. Entrance stage, lighting, sound, etc., can be fixed over time. ROH has done it the right way in the modern age: do things as it's feasible to do them and don't overreach. The important thing to do is put an entertaining show in the ring.

    I'm sure JJ has paid attention to that.

  16. Actually quite a good attendance for a first show.
  17. GFW Amped TV Tapings From Las Vegas

    Show Spoiler

    * PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) defeated Sanada in a NEX*GEN Title tournament match

    * Bobby Roode came out for a heel promo and said he was taking the GFW Global Championship back to TNA. Nick Aldis (Magnus) interrupted and put over GFW before getting attacked by Kongo Kong. They double teamed Aldis and Roode put him in a Crossface

    * Misterioso Jr., Zokre and Phoenix Star defeated Blood Eagle, Steve Pain and Bestia 666

    * The Bollywood Boys defeated The Akbars in a pretty boring GFW Tag Team Title tournament match

    * Kushida defeated Virgil E. Flynn by submission

    * Karen Jarrett comes out but is interrupted by Lei'D Tapa. Christina Von Eerie then defeated Mickie James and Tapa in a Triple Threat GFW Women's Title tournament match

    * Jigsaw defeated Sonjay Dutt in a NEX*GEN Title tournament match

    * Chael Sonnen comes to the ring for a heel promo and gives Virgil Flynn a chance in the NEX*GEN Title tournament. PJ Black comes out and superkicks Virgil

    * Chris Mordetzky (Chris Masters) defeated Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) in a pretty good Global Title tournament match

    * Reno SCUM defeated Los Luchas in a good tag match

    * Bobby Roode defeated Kevin Kross in a Global Title tournament match

    * Jeff Jarrett came to the ring for a promo and thanked the fans for supporting GFW. Bobby Roode interrupted and ripped on Jarrett and the GFW roster.

    * Nick Aldis defeated Kongo Kong in a Global Title tournament match and the main event
  18. That attendance is amazing for GFW and I really hope they add some video screens. Looks like the TNA cross-promotion and invasion stuff is gonna go ahead and those tapings looks good.

    It would be nice if Challenge TV here in the UK could get a deal going with GFW to show their Amped episodes.
  19. I read the spoilers from the tapings. This seems just as bad as TNA. Good to see that Jeff is up to form.
  20. Good turnout aside, I can't see this taking off. Those spoilers look and sound like garbage.
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