Impact News GFW's future is very uncertain.

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by ¡Tranquilo!, Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. With Jeff Jarrett out; GFW faces uncertain future

    ...Why can't this company just get it together...
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  2. You know, Impact has survived so many uncertain futures, at this point it wouldn't surprise me if they inject cockroach blood into the talent there
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  3. pretty much, I think the company finally dying is as foreign a concept as the company succeeding is.
  4. You mean Flair blood? :woo1:
  5. To say Jarrett is out is a little premature he's simply been given leave for whatever reason. Reports of GFW dying seem a little presumptious as all this "info" comes from unreliable sources like a certain podcast that everyone running a dirtsheet site seem to take their news from. Jeff takes time away and suddenly all these stories come out "Anthem wants out"..."The Anthem/GFW sale was never finished".....for all we know Jeff is burnt out from working hard and just wants a few weeks off to go on a cruise or something.
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  6. Just when the product was one of the most enjoyable ones going right now.

    Hope the company sticks on and the talent doesn't abandon ship, I feel a WWE talent raid coming on.
  7. Hopefully it doesnt mean their demise though, not that GFW are competition for WWE but the more promotions and places for these guys to ply their trade the better.

    If their do then at least WWE will swoop in and pick the up the tape library and put it on the network
  8. False presumptuous reports of TNA going under? Hmmm, must be September again. This "news" seems to break every year with a new twist right after Vince McMahon's birthday. Coincidence? I think not
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  9. TNA survived Dixie fucking Carter if they can still cling to life after her total fuckery anything can happen
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  10. Don't diss the goddess
  11. They'll be ok, GFW/TNA is literally now the promotion that can never die
  12. I love of the overall idea here is, "Pfft, let's be real, Impact doesn't die"
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  13. So the story is they are making a streaming network? Lol... so they are copying WWE when they are on their limbs. But then again they are missing the big picture, they could make this network not just for GFW but for other promotions too, but I don't know what the goal is here.
  14. "GFW's future is very uncertain."

    bro why is this tagged as "news"? This has been the state of the promotion literally for years now.
    tbh the title should be "Jeff Jarrett leaves TNA, looks to form new wrestling promotion"
  15. I miss being a massive TNA fan.
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  16. I have no worries about this and I think that writer jumped to conclusions. Jarrett is not fired and he didn't quit according to everything else I have been reading. He's just on a leave of absence.

    Now personally, you all know I am a huge Jarrett fan and it does make it shaky for me not having him there. But I doubt this is going to be an issue. TNA/GFW has been supposedly doomed for its entire existence. I hope Jeff will come back and I really wanted to see him wrestle Patron. That makes me sad that it likely won't happen. But GFW has gotten better and we'll see what happens. They need to cut costs and pull it together. I think they can but it's going to be hard for a while.
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