News Giant Panda no longer endangered species

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  1. The most famous thing about pandas, apart from them spending all day eating bamboo and not having sex, is how endangered they are. However,the animal has just been moved off the endangered species list by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Although the giant panda is still considered vulnerable, its population is much healthier – there are thought to be 1,864 adults, and although there isn’t a definitive number of cubs, the total population now exceeds 2,000. It is, noted the IUCN report, “a positive sign confirming that the Chinese government’s efforts to conserve this species are effective”. Few conservation measures have been as intensive or high profile. The work included increasing the number of panda reserves, protecting forests (such as reforestation and banning logging in panda habitats) and creating “corridors” so isolated wild panda populations can mix and strengthen the gene pool. Anti-poaching patrols, and moving humans out of reserves also helped. Pandas are still at risk, particularly from a reduction in bamboo availability owing to climate change, but it shows conservation efforts pay off.

    Take that, extinction: giant pandas and the other animals fighting back

    :woohoo: :happy2:
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  2. I heard about that too. It's VERY good to hear :emoji_slight_smile: I don't have any particular feelings about pandas but any animal who becomes no longer endangered... it is a good thing.
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  3. YAY PANDAS!!!!

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  4. That's awesome.

    Pandas are cool.
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  5. They must have broads in Atlanta.
  6. They gotta do the tigers now :kitler:
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  7. Wow, thanks Desiigner
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