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  1. I think Sheamus needs a new look and gimmick ASAP. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here or not, but I always liked the idea of Finlay taking him under his wing and forming a tough street type of crew ala the Flourist/his bodyguard and Affleck in the movie "The Town".

    Tell Sheamus to change that damn facial hair and rock a regular goatee or some shit and take that damn gel out of his hair that makes him look like that friggin Muppet character.

    Those two could be like the Acolytes and drink, and play cards in the back. Maybe be loan sharks too or that type of tough guy stuff. He's an Irishman damnit and needs to whoop some arse! Maybe have Finley say that too him and force him to straighten up his act and have some pride. Change that awful entrance music too and stop acting all happy to lucky.

    They could also use a self aware, genre savvy face jobber who "turns heel" specifically to get himself over, but still acts like a face. He joins a heel stable, even though he clearly doesn't give a shit about the heel stable's cause.

    Damien Sandow taking a dose of Mr. Christopher Hitchens and becoming a 'militant atheist' heel character. It would get huge heat imo
  2. maybe sheamus should grow a full on beard. why not everyone else is.
  3. The whole Irish gimmick is boring no matter how they do it IMO
  4. the bottom line is, nobody likes gingers. except the undertaker.
  5. Sheamus and Cesaro forming the Real Europeans and beating the piss out of everyone.

    Mark Henry, Kofi, Titus, and Xavier Woods make the New NOD

    Bo Dallas being part of the Wyatt family
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    Now that you mention that, I want to see Shelton Benjamin return with an angry black man gimmick. He can come back with Clerance Mason as his manager. He can go on saying how he was held back due to his color and play back the racist vid with him, Vince and Trish. Have Shelton vs Cena build up and have Cena go over the first time but the ref didn't see Shelton's foot on the rope. Then they can say the ref was racist and request a black ref for the next encounter as Teddy Long and have Shelton go over to become the 1st 100% black WWE champion. Then they can make a clause where Teddy refs all his matches while he is champ.
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  7. AINT NO STOPPING ME!!!!1 NO1!!!!!!!
  8. There needs to be an alien gimmick
  9. he could hail from parts unkown.
  10. Mafia Wrestler!
  11. something really racist like kamala, the ugandan giant.
  12. this is a tough one.. there's been so many already! Pirates? has there been pirates? the PG era really limits things.. I'm sure if Sheamus guzzled a couple of pints of Guinness a la Austin he'd be a lot more interesting
  13. yes there's been pirates. remember that captain jack rip-off they did ? forgot the guys name
  14. I don't remember him.. but I guess they've done it all.. Remember the guys from Battle Dome?? Those were pretty cool gimmicks.. they should just rip off some of those lol
  15. well someone's gotta know the pirate guys name, step up!
  16. they've done nearly everything. except aliens and mafia those were good suggestions.
  17. I can hear JR's voice!! "How do you stop this monster??? He's not Human!!!"
  18. i miss joey styles OH MY GAWD
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