Gimmick Reboots That Saved The Wrestler’s Career

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 22, 2016.

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  1. 10. Papa Shango/Kama To The Godfather
    9. Faarooq Asad To Faarooq
    8. Thurman “Sparky” Plugg/Bombastic Bob To Hardcore Holly
    7. Fatu/The Sultan To Rikishi
    6. Nicky Of The Spirit Squad To Dolph Ziggler (Pfffffff, LOLOLOLOL)
    5. Bradshaw To JBL
    4. Dustin Rhodes To Goldust
    3. Billy Gunn/Rockabilly And The Roadie/The Real Double J To The New Age Outlaws
    2. Husky Harris To Bray Wyatt
    1. Isaac Yankem/Fake Diesel To Kane

    If you care to read the article... yeah it is What Culture... Yeah I didn't post my own thread again... :stfu:

    So yeah, Kane is an obvious one on the list and rightfully so, number 1. Without that change he likely would have not lasted but 2 or 3 years being a jobber. And I get why they say Zig is on the list but his gimmick didn't save his career. His run with Vicky was great but he fell apart shortly after that ended... And they drug it out too long on top of that anyways.
  2. No 2. Not sure bray is career saving
  3. It made a huge difference on comparison to Husky.
  4. Ziggler :smirk2:
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    Slight difference. Husky wasn't given much of a chance, and what future does bray now have after fast lane?

    Plus if we are laughing at dolph on this list, we should also question bray.
  7. I think I'll add personal favorite, Wade Barrett to BNB. I think that gimmick saved him from the midcard limbo.
  8. He seems to be in a worse place than ever. BNB was quite good at first, but now...
  9. And #1 was always obvious. Kane (<-) is the greatest monster powerhouse ever, and always will be.
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  10. From what I remember. The Ringmaster was pretty much just the muscle for Ted Dibiase. He had the million dollar belt but never really did anything with it that I remember. Then he went Stone col (dodging being named Chilly McFreeze) and wacked Savio Vega with a strap for a few months before KOTR
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  11. Chilly McFreeze would have been the GOAT.
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  12. The name of possible names for the Stone Cold gimmick is filled with goat names.
    Chilly McFreeze
    Ice Dagger
    Baron von Ruthless
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  13. Stone Cold still fits him the best. The rest of the names sound like villain names from a comic book lol
  14. Didn't really save him, but Devitt's gimmick change blew the fuck up and gave him worldwide recognition.
  15. That was what Vince wanted him to be. A comic book villain. This was in the new generation. Colorful characters galore.
    Mankind was originally supposed to be named Igor Eargone or Mason the Mutilator. Foley also dodged a name shaped bullet
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  16. I didn't know that. Fair enough. :obama:
  17. Stone Cold actually took his name after a cup of tea. I ain't making that up. He was thinking of names when his wife told him to drink his tea before it went "stone cold". And at that moment a small glass window shattered in Austin's head
  18. I did know that haha I seen that in some interview he did. I actually love how that name came to be.
  19. JBL is a wrasslin GAAAWWD
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