Gimmicks to the gimmickless?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. There are a couple of guys on the WWE roster right now that have no character other than "I'm a good guy wrestler yay!" or "I'm a bad guy wrestler grrr". And while some wrestlers can create a character out of personality and subtle character traits like for example Bryan, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and build a gimmick from that. Other's have or might need a more fleshed out and clear character to really shine, a prime example is Bray Wyatt.

    So if you could take one of these characterless wrestlers and give them a gimmick, what would it be? It doesn't have to be a gimmick that takes someone to the main event, solid mid carder works well enough.

    Mason Ryan has been improving down in NXT as of late, still not the greatest in ring but far from as horrible as he once was. But he needs a character badly unless he get the old Batista chants again if he came back to the main roster. I think a "modern Gladiator" gimmick could work for him, he has the look for it without a doubt (plus he worked as one on TV in England before going to the WWE so it would be a nice shoutout to his real life). With the right mouthpiece I think he could work as a decent mid card big guy/monster under that gimmick if his ring work keeps improving.

    Who would you give a gimmick to to help them out and what would it be?
  2. NXT Style then, nice. I suppose they could give WB the street fighter gimmick we thought he was going to go by when he returned. He could wear a different attire, win matches via KO and things like that.
  3. Sheamus and actually as I always say play on the Celtic Warrior supposed gimmick.

  4. I'd go with Sheamus too. The way WWE used the Celtic Warrior gimmick in FCW was fantastic,I don't fully understand why they didn't use it like they did in FCW when he was brought up to the main roster,It was awesome imo.
  5. They're using Kaitlyn so fucking much, yet she has no gimmick at all. Its irritating the hell out of me. She really brings down the Kaitlyn/AJ feud, especially with her effin "crying". Since she has a big build, make her have a more aggressive/machine gimmick, possibly turning heel or something. Make her do another attack than a spear, because she'd just be a female Roman Reigns.
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  6. She has no gimmick? I thought her gimmick was being a female. :hmm:
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  7. Sheamus, really has no gimmick except being Irish. I'd change his gimmick to something, not sure what though. Probably his one from FCW, yea. It was actually pretty good.
  8. I thnk Cena needs a new gimmick. The "Take Your Vitimans and Say Your Prayers" Gimmick is stale. Anyone agree?
  9. I'll go with Sheamus. As you have said, the old Celtic Warrior gimmick was good, and now he is like "fella, I'm gonna kick your arse, fella!" and it's just boring.
    Also, as Lady said, Kaitlyn needs a gimmick if she's going to appear every single week, she doesn't even know how to make things look interesting imo.
    I would also change a bit Sandow's gimmick. He can win the WH title and I don't think his current gimmick is the appropriate one tbh
  10. The real americans need to stop its just not a good gimmick especially since one of them is not an american surely there was another american on the roster to be in the real americans lol also tons of funk that shit sucks balls man no one wants to see that its posibbly the worst tag team gimmick i have seen since billy gunns and chuck pulumbos gay gimmick but saying that i dont know what i would give them instead but im sure wwes apparently genius creative could think of something a little better.
  11. Zeb Colter already explained why he chose Cesaro along time ago:

    And honestly, Cesaro does racism a lot better than Swagger, because Cesaro has better mic skills than Swagger. All Swagger does is yell "We the people". Cesaro owns his gimmick.
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  12. Cesaro owns swagger on everything.

    Approves this post.
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  13. :win:
  14. Bland ass Ted Dibiase could have had a good thing going with the whole "Rich Man of the People (Dibiase Posse)" gimmick, just have to expand on it alot to make it actually resonate with the audience, show footage, have him give out stuff during his entrance, cut promos in the crowd, etc. Maybe they can retry that with face ADR... but then Creative will be forced to make feuds based on that like they did with Dibiase which was just effing lame. Never mind.

    Soooooo many people on the roster don't have gimmicks... :hmm: The easy one is Ambrose... Here's one: After Axel once he loses the IC belt, he changes his style completely. Starts wearing black, denouncing his father's name, basically becoming a rebel to get heat + cut more aggressive promos that he's actually good at.
  15. I think Cesaro was the perfect choice. Him not being American is what gets him and Colter even more heat and adds division to the IWC and fans, since they are some that understand, and then there are some who don't and want to tear down Colter. It's something brilliant and he explains it in a perfect way.
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  16. But he goes everywhere and insults everyone for being imigrants illegal or otherwise so what he says here just seems differant to what he says when hes coming out to the ring plus i really dont like racsist gimmicks people say swearing and blood is too much for kids but casual biggots thats ok lol.

  17. He can't really change his gimmick since it's not really much of one, it's an extension of his real life personality to a large extent. It'll only come when/if he turns heel, and that ain't coming anytime soon.

    Sandow already plays one of the best personalities in WWE today to perfection IMO. His current gimmick can play well into holding a world title, as he can talk about how he's gonna add much needed class and dignity to the world championship that's been tainted with disgrace by some of the people who have held it.
  18. As one of the minority on the internet that doesn't want a Cena heel turn, I have a feeling one might be coming sooner than expected.

    I also think they should push the strength of Kaitlyn into more of a gimmick but not into a heel turn, with Layla turning last week there are only 4 active face Diva's on the roster and 5 heels. This isn't counting Tamina who has already been both heel and face, Alicia Fox who changes more than some people change their underwear and Rosa Mendes who sits more on the heel side of the fence. Maybe she could take on the role that Beth Phoenix left wide open when she left and team-up with Natalya a little more?
  19. Heel Ryder, with something to prove. Have Cena come out trolling him in his own gear, and having him flip the fuck out would be great. I know i only care because i want him on tv, but i would kill to see him turn heel, since his babyface deal would force it to be a short, but possibly decent run. Get a title on him, heel vs heel match. Have him outdo someone, low blow, use tights, (no not a bottle shot to the head) and give him the ego boost. Especially with Vince on tv, it could be great.
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  20. Talking of batista there do you remember when he was reverend d-vons little bitch ? lol
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