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  1. One of my gripes with WWE is some characters have clearly defined gimmicks. I.E Dolph Ziggler is the show off, so he shows off. Mark Henry is the worlds Strongest man, 3MB are a rockband, Damien Sandow the intellectual saviour of the masses.

    But then you have people like Kofi, Orton, Sheamus, Big E langston, The Miz, R-truth, Cody Rhodes. Who sort of just are there because they are, they don't really have anything that interesting about them. I mean R-truth had little jimmy, but it's really nothing special.

    So what is up with most of the gimmickless characters?
  2. They do have gimmicks but most of them are really toned down. Like Orton's gimmick being The Apex Predator when he like bangs the mat for the RKO. Sheamus' gimmick being the Irish man because he's.. Irish. I think it's because it isn't the 1990s anymore with guys like The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage.
  3. Maybe people who are good wrestlers and equally as good at talking are hard to come by? for instance maybe orton is quiet guy? but also people like shawn micheals didn't really have a gimmick he was good enough just being himself.
  4. Not EVERYONE should be a gimmick. It's great to have them running around, but the thing with the rest of the roster is that they should be able to be a character, not a flashy and unique gimmick, but just a few characteristics that set him apart from the others and make him different. But yeah, I agree, completely bland wrestlers are a problem.
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