Girl and Gorilla become friends.. Great video!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Just Kevin, Apr 30, 2014.

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  1. The interaction between the 2 is awesome to see..

    Feel free to post similar videos.. love watching them.

  2. Bears are so badass.
  3. Hey look, it's Dat...
    Okay, so that's where we draw the line. :sad1:
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  4. Was going to make a black joke earlier but held back from doing so as well lol.
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  5. So this isn't a #RacistBrita thread? :happy:
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  6. Let's be real, there would have been more then one video, a long useless paragraph of text and a picture of yo momma. :pipebomb:
  7. Long paragraph of text? Who do you think you are, Brita Lockard? :pity2:
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  8. :mad2:

    I make good threads with lots of text and people complain, I make ones with one or two sentences, people complain. I blame Canada for all this. SCREW BACON! :angry: :finger:
  9. I would if I could :gusta: right @GrammarNazi82
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  10. aka you tried. :woo1:
  11. Third degree burns :upset:
  12. Maybe you should try is raw... lololol
  13. Hell yes. Mmmmmmm, bacon sex. :gusta:
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  14. Eww cold :eww:
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