TV Girl Meets World Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Jun 26, 2014.

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    This starts tomorrow so I thought we should have a discussion thread. Watching Boy Meets World to prepare. :boss1:
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  2. lol you would :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    I'll try and be here, I don't have plans yet.

    Shawn, Minkus(can't wait for his return haha), Feeney, Harley Keiner and Joshua (The younger bro at the end of the BMW series), Amy and Alan Matthews will all be reoccurring characters..

    Will Friedle declined to return as a reoccurring character however it's hard to doubt that he will most definitely pop up in one or more episodes.
  3. Haha Farkle being Minkus' son is awesome, can't wait for Stuart Minkus to show up as well as Harley Keiner and DEFINITELY waiting hard for Shawn's cameos.
  4. Oh god i forgot i downloaded this. Nostalgia here I come.
  5. It's the same "feel" just for a newer generation. I'll continue to watch it though strictly for the nostalgia factor.
  6. nostalgia and Topanga.
  7. Is it good or bad? I don't have cable but loved Boy Meets World
  8. Also why does the daughter (with the brown hair) look 25-50% Chinese?
  9. It's not bad, only 1 episode in so far, next episode is Friday.
    Only one daughter haha, she's got some middle eastern descent on her side.
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  10. They even have a minkus ripoff. I'll watch the show, but i'm mostly waiting for Shawn and Feeny, as they were confirmed. If the show is a generic ripoff, they should include all the people that made the original show great, hopefully the Minkus ripoff is his kid.
  11. I find it hilarious theres a discussion thread for this on here. My peoples!!!
  12. Shizzle.
  13. lol you didn't see my post above where Farkle is Minkus' kid :emoji_slight_smile:
    Stuart Minkus will come in on the career day episode.
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  14. I'd love it, I expect the good looking kid will have a russian mom or another mail order bride.
  15. Cory is still Cory which is awesome!
    I feel like the Maya (The Blonde) is like 15 or 16 while Cory's daughter is only 12 I believe. I wonder if that will affect the show in the upcoming years for it, I think they're going for a minimum of 4 seasons from some things I've heard.
  16. watched 15 minutes of the pilot. too corny for me
  17. You missed Feeny at the end though.

    I want to see my boys Shawn and Harley.
  18. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie
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  19. The 2nd show was even worse than the first. The good news is you know Shawn won't be a big expense. What makes me even happier is knowing Eric could even come back.

    The kid part I get, it will have to work, but IMO the backstage parenting thing will be a rough sell if you are looking for more than even 2 seasons and a miniseries.
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