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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lady Deathbane, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Check my sig

    I'm crying

    Boy Meets World still is my favorite show ever

    They better not ruin it, I swear I'm so done with everything if it's crap

    I'm staying positive on this

    Has anyone watched Boy Meets World before?
  2. Sorry to say, but chances are it's going to suck.
  3. Positiiiiiiiiive

    It won't be all bad, I mean, Ben Savage is still present so it's assumed some, if not most, of the cast will make appearances too.

    Wonder if Mr. Feeny will ever make an appearance.
  4. I'm crying as well! OMG! HELL FUCKING YES! :cry: :yes: :cjgiewiture9sfvjxkv:
  5. I will mark ten times over if Eric is in it.
  6. Cory and Topanga are, so it would be right to have his brother in there somewhere.
  7. I think it'd be in his character to not always be there.

    I can barely remember since it was so long ago, but he didn't wind up with Angela or anyone, right?
  8. [​IMG]

    :yay: :please: :yes:

    Will Friedle, Ryder Strong and William Daniels are coming back and that's all I care about! :dawg:
  9. I fucking love Boy Meets World.
  10. You may hate Girl Meets World though because it'll be on Disney Channel.

    However, they've reassured everyone in an interview that they will keep the realism that Boy Meets World had with GMW as well and not the usual "crap" Disney Channel has today. So, it might be a hit. I'm still staying positive about this as I've stated on the very first post of this thread about a few months ago.

  11. Idk, some of those Boy Meets World eps got a little too heavy for my taste.

    Remember when that girl was getting her ass whooped by her Dad, she came to Cory and Cory was helping her keep it a secret and then his parents found out?

    Too much
  12. Yeah, there were a lot of things with death and parental unattachment as well that I can't believe were on Disney Channel at one point. I actually loved all of it as a kid because I guess I was into watching that sort of thing. I don't think GMW will be as heavy as BMW was though.
  13. lol Dolph's a girl.
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  14. I used to watch BMW. I'll count this as an early Christmas gift.
  15. I don't remember watching those eps when I was younger, only noticed them when I re-watched the series when it aired on MTV2

    Some of the eps around the time Shawn's Dad dies are pretty gut wrenching
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  16. It was funny to me honestly, but it just seemed so out of place and random
  17. I stand by my statement :tough:
  18. check my sig for my reaction
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  19. Topanga :fap:

    Loved the original (yes deth, I guess that makes me a girl), will watch this and hope its similar. Hopefully they scrap the kids as the main stars and focus on the adult characters :otunga:
  20. Was calling Dolph's a girl for being a pansy. Nothing to do with enjoying the show :dawg: :pity:
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