Girl stabbed when she refused prom invite dies

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Trip in the Head, Apr 25, 2014.

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  1. Obviously has a few screws loose, send him to jail for life. I don't care if he's 16.
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  2. I say they do worse than that TBH
  3. Eh he wouldn't be any loss with a death penalty I suppose.
  4. Mental health treatment wouldn't go a miss either.
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  5. What if he ends up taking another life after it's done? then a life is wasted. I don't think it's be worth killing him due to the chances of him possibly becoming a better person later on but eh.
  6. Eh, I guess I find that to be a BIG "possibly" in that statement
  7. At what point did I say he shouldn't be jailed?
    He should receive treatment whilst serving time. Throwing people in jail and just expecting them to get over their mental health issues alone 100% does not work.
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  8. RIP, that's really sad... I feel so sorry for her family, and the guy needs some help. Send him away for mental health treatment, I think that killing him would just be a waste of another life. We can't bring her back, so at least get this kid to give back something.
  9. Yeah, seriously this fucktard better be charged as an adult and sentenced to life.
  10. So you acknowledge his probable mental health issues and then think prison is the solution?

    How about.... mental health care?
  11. When did loony bins go out of style?

    Just throwing a 16 year old kid who clearly is fucked up in the head in jail for his entire life is beyond pointless. Why not just line him up for a firing squad if that is your solution.
  12. How about a desert eagle blast to the face?
  13. Bullets are expensive you noob. All you need is a rope and a tree.
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  14. If we're going the cheap route, trains run every day. One good push and that's the end of that.
  15. Until clean up you ruthless bastard. Not to mention the trauma caused to the engineer.

    Lynchings never should have gone out of style, bottom line. It is cheap, efficient and hell, you can make a day of it! Set up downtown, have some snacks, bring the family out. Its a good ol time
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  16. Funny thing is that's how a lot of people looked at them when they were a normal thing. Nowadays we pussy foot around the subject to no end.
  17. I think they went out of fashion when lynching became synonymous with racism and people were constantly hanging black folk for no reason.
  18. Good call
  19. The first comment on that article pretty much nailed it:

    "This happens when children are not taught about rejection and how to handle it. People we can not shield our kids from life. We need to be honest and show them what life us about GOOD AND BAD."
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