Girl sucks on used tampon..

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Warning: Sick

  2. How... What.... Why would you even find this?
  3. If anybody really thinks that tampon was actually used is an idiot.

    Either way, dem titties. :datass:
  4. Thanks Jonathan, this gives me something to masturbate to later tonight :fap:
  5. ATN: JNTHN you may have mental issues
  6. I think i'm going to throw up for her.
  7. :george:
    fat girl titties are overrated :pity1:
  8. Even :george: avoided that fat fucks.
  9. :george: got da bitches :obama:
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  10. For the record I didn't find this. It's all over FB, 4Chan and Twitter...
  11. This is actually a trending thing on the internet atm, as you can see by how many guests are viewing this thread.
  12. Titties cannot be in the same sentence as "overrated" :dawg:
  13. :hmm:

    You may have a point there, sir. Still..
    fit chicks with big tits > fatties with big tis
  14. fit chicks with big tits > fatties with big tits > fatties with big tits sucking on tampons dyed in red.

    But still tits.
  15. Lol'd. Touché

  16. Fake and gay.
  17. Count my money. Party with bitches. Hundreds and "fitties." Big-ass titties. Count the green. Get in between those titties. Let's party, holmes.
  18. :meh: movie
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