News Girl Survives 35-Foot Fall Into NYC Elevator Shaft

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  1. A 12-year-old girl who plunged 35 feet into the elevator shaft of a New York City apartment building has survived with serious injuries.

    The accident happened Friday afternoon in the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo.

    The Fire Department of New York says the girl fell from the lobby of the building into the elevator pit. She suffered multiple injuries and is in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital Center.

    Fire spokesman Khalid Baylor tells The New York Times ( ) that firefighters and medical technicians pried open the elevator doors in the sub-basement to reach her and hoist her up in a basket.

    The elevator apparently had been out of service at the time of the accident.

    It wasn't immediately clear whether the girl lived in the building.

    Damn, talk about luck.
  2. Yes, leave the broken elevator open. Good job.

  3. Well....hopefully she was going down.
  4. God, 12 year olds are so stupid lol
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  5. Holy crap!
  6. It's a plug for the re-do of Heroes.
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  7. Glad she lived.
  8. video or it didn't happen.
    and for some chance if there's no video and if it did happen, I'm glad she's okay.. although when I was that age im pretty sure I wasnt playing around broken elevator shafts and also close off the doors as best you can if the elevator is broken.
  9. Must've been blonde
  10. Surviving in New York City is already impressive enough.
  11. You'd think she'd be more in touch with the dangers of elevator shafts having survived in NY City though, no?
  12. Pretty sure elevator shafts were nothing compared to walking in the streets or driving in New York.
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  13. I would post another Denis Leary clip that relates to that, but deth keeps scolding me :sad:
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  14. Deth the teacher
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