Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mike., Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Can not be funny
  2. That's why you are single sir.
  3. No I'm single because I'm an asshole but this is the truth girls fucking suck at jokes
  4. LOL fair play to you Mike at calling yourself an asshole. Yes they can't tell jokes but they are funny as you can laugh at them and the blonde moments.
  5. exactly they can be funny like that but jokes are a no no
  6. Will give you that one!
  7. you're the wisest person in the world mike
  8. Girls can be funny... funny looking. :emoji_wink:
  9. why is that man
  10. actually i take it back cause the hyperlink in your signature is the wrong web address lol.

    it's not
  11. I've known girls IRL who can be funny. TBH though I've never seen a woman stand up comic who I thought was funny.
  12. Girls can tell jokes. They just steal everyone else's jokes since we steal their virginity. Fair is fair.
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  13. :sad: I think I can be quite hilarious, thank you very much. :haha:


    I seriously love this. You, sir, received another "like." :win:
  14. that isnt my site lol i stopped paying hosting :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. In most of my pishy fifth year classes I've found that more often than not I have more of a laugh with the girls than I do the males. Suppose that's not hard though considering the boys are complete and utter goons, but was just using something to back up my point :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Oh and I agree with Dolph's about female comedians. Every one I've seen has been dreadful apart from Sarah Millican, who is funny as hell IMO.
  16. lololol y? u not afford it? to busy getting high i assume? ;o
  17. Jo Brand is hilarious. FU guys.
  18. @[R'Albin] mate tbf nearly all my best mates are girls!

    Yet I still have my lads for going watching the footy with.
  19. Cloud my guys are awful for football, they watch it occasionally but don't even go to SPL games or anything, more into that gay shore program pish. Plus they try too hard to be funny far too much and it comes across as totally cringeworthy.

    Crayo: Jo brand sucks, she talks about her weight and her husband and that's about it.

    Oh and this must be the first time a MikeDAWT thread has ever sparked a serious discussion!
  20. *goes to Google 'watch the footy' .... comes back nodding*
    Maybe this forum needs a translator device. :emoji_wink:
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