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    First Prize - $50 / £30 Paypal / Amazon gift-card.
    Second Prize - $30 / £18 Paypal / Amazon gift-card
    (you obviously must be willing to provide the transfer information for prizes 1 and 2, I'll contact you through PM if you've won).
    Third Prize - $20 / £12 worth of forum cash OR Lifetime upgrade for non legends. (You'll be PM'd for this prize to decide what you want. The lifetime upgrade can be given to someone else if you wish).
    Fourth Prize - $10 / £6 worth of forum cash. (You can't ask for the real-life cash for these, prizes 3 and 4 are to help out the site).

    In order to be eligible for the drawings, you must post in this thread with a Christmas related story. It doesn't need to be long, it doesn't need to be personal, it doesn't even need to be real. Make shit up if you feel like it, go crazy, have a ball, be Edgar Allen Poe like you've always wanted to be, virtual brownie points for vicious, horrifying stories with a little Christmas cheer.

    Any posts before the end of the drawing dates will be applicable, and you will only be entered into the drawing once. If you wish to be exempt from the drawing but would still like to share a story, use the phrase "I'm a fucking grinch, ho ho merry-fucking ho" in your post.

    On the end-date, random numbers will be taken from and prizes will be given out. The number will relate in order of when the person posted, so the first post will be #1, 10th post will be #10, you can count. If you win one prize, you will be taken out of the drawing for the rest of the prizes, repeating down the list.

    If nobody posts, all of the prize money will be given to Jeebak. You don't want that to happen, do you?

    Start: Right now.
    End: 12/19/13.

    But who the fuck are you?
    stfu and stop asking questions. Staff can find out and probably already know who I am, and I'd rather them not say anything. There are probably a few people who can figure out who I am too, and if my identity is revealed, nobody gets a prize, because fuck you.

    #1 Jonathan
    #2 Aids
    #3 Shadow
    #4 Senhor Beardington
    #5 Trip in the Head
    #6 Britanica
    #7 TheArabHammer
    #8 Dolph'sZiggler
    #9 KLockard23
    #10 Adam
    #11 Zach
    #12 Kassius HoHo
    #13 ToToGuadalupe
    #14 THG
    #15 Nickelodeon
    #16 Coon
    #17 Farooq
    #18 Rhod
    #19 DK James
    #20 Deth
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  2. I had a dream that I had a £30 amazon voucher as a reward for all the nice things I do for people.

    Then I woke up and there was no Christmas presents on the sofa.

    The end.
  3. Well, I wrote Santa this year and all I asked for was Crayo, and a couple cans of whipped cream. I'm really hoping Santa delivers this year.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. #thuglife #paintednails
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  6. The day before Xmas and all through the site
    Punk and Brita talked DBZ all freakin night
    DZ and deth treated each other with care
    While aids was jealous giving an evil stare
    Jono ate dominoes till his belly inflated
    While stop watched NJPW while he masturbated
    Danny smoked a pack saying all this was gay
    Then hammer showed up and blew it all away

    Merry Christmas
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  7. Ok, when I was younger my parents couldn't afford ANYTHING for Christmas one year. I got one present from the giving tree that I requested. That present? Hungry Hungry Hippos. AND to brighten this story up, a few years later I got a TMNT themed Christmas. Everything I got was TMNT related (even underwear). God that was a good year.
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  8. The one year, I asked Santa for Barbie... Got Christie. Boy was I disappointed.
  9. I don't even have this picture any more, so neither should you.
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  10. In 1999 I received NFL Gameday 2000 three times. My family had no idea what they were doing. I make it clear to everyone now if they decide to get something for me just make it a gift card. It's not too hard to f that up
  11. When I was 8 I asked for socks and underwear but my bitch mom got me a Ps1 w/ Madden 99. I was irate.
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  12. I had a story about the time I was caught masturbating on Christmas night by Santa (which was followed up by one of his Reindeer licking my nuts), but I won't tell it.

    I'll just say that all the times that I opened up a present to find a brand new video game system inside (Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PS1, N64, PS2, Gamecube, X-Box, etc.) are the best Christmas memories that I have.
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  13. Prizes have been updated.

  14. Should I take down the 8X10 I keep on my nightstand?
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  15. Ok, if we win 3rd place and are a Legend already can we gift the lifetime Legend status to another non-legend member? (looking at you @TheArabHammer)
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  16. Sure. Can either upgrade yourself, upgrade someone else or take it in forum cash.
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  17. I'm most likely retarded but I can't see the prizes on mobile
  18. Pretty much Amazon/Paypal gift cards for 1st and 2nd, legend status for 3rd, and forum cash for 4th
  19. Well I travelled to Bahrain to spend Xmas with family once, we arrived on the 22nd of December, our luggage was "lost" according to the travel agency with all the Xmas presents, so we had to wait like a week to have Xmas.