Give Brad Maddox the damn contract WWE

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  1. Give Brad Maddox the damn contract WWE he should not be messed around like this he should already have that contract and be winning matches and getting the main event push and the title
  2. Which is better: Orange soda or grape soda?

    I prefer orange, but you can make a strong argument for grape.
  3. .....Hi I'm the spokesperson of Vince McMahon. How bout no?
  4. Try to stay on topic here.

  5. Grape soda is not "grapey" enough. Orange soda, however, is very "orangey" so it gets my vote! :otunga:
  6. Orange soda, is that like fanta?
  7. Kayfab

  8. So....No room for cola? Always keeping the black man down :sad:
  9. Dont spam my thread

    Brad is the future star and he deserves respect and that contract
  10. If cola is involved, that changes everything. Cola is king! I was under the impression it was just grape vs orange.
  11. Coke is too stale imo, constantly being shoved down our throats... Where is the luv for Doc Pepper
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Coke is poison jack.
  14. Discuss Brad or this just gets closed.
  15. I've always been partial to Pepsi. Coke Zero isnt bad though. :true:
  16. Just gonna go ahead and close this since we are not allowed to discuss soda-racial issues.
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