Give Cody Rhodes mic time..

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roi, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. Cody Rhodes cut a catchy promo on The New Age Outlaws via Tout on Saturday:
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  2. I agree, dude needs at least another breakout mid-card run.
  3. I liked him when he appeared in Warehouse 13, had some pretty serious mic skills.
  4. He will get a grip of it when the brothers break off and feud.
  5. Pretty good short little promo and a nice dig at the Outlaws. Kinda wonder 'cause of that why they didn't place it on Raw since that would have guaranteed that more people would have seen it (same with Ziggler's promo that was posted a few days ago) but I guess giving mic time to one half of your former tag team champions (as a way of hyping up a STEEL CAGE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH) would have made too much sense.
  6. Don't worry the guy will get his moment soon. If this Cody v Goldust feud goes down well I presume big bro puts little bro over which should set him up for the Upper Midcard if not ME. Defo mic time involved there.
  7. I've been hearing they have big plans for Goldy.. He was originally just signed through WM but now it looks like he's signed an extension through Summerslam for in-ring appearances.
  8. I heard this as well. I assumed its for the big brothers feud to eventually put Cody over as if they match up as well as they teamed up then they will have some fantastic matches.
  9. Tons of guy need mic time but instead we get Orton mic segments. fuck this company
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  10. Cody is gonna struggle when him and his brother split soon
  11. Cod getting some spotlight is good. He's great in the ring and his mic skills are alright. But he can't be much worse than our current main eventers: Batista, Orton, and people like Sheamus :emoji_slight_smile: thank you WWE
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