Give credit to Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Nearly all of his matches as champion (on PPV's) have been pretty awesome, even his RAW matches have picked up since he's had the belt, he seems to put a lot more effort in now. It also seems WWE keep feeding IWC darlings too him (Ziggler, Bryan, Jericho).
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  2. I've never discredited Punk.. He's a baws, and he has the psycho girl AJ by his side.
  3. Nuff said :win:
  4. No he doesn't ^
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  5. Well he ain't a Superhero like Seahmus and Cena
  6. This is what I've been saying. Folk make this title reign out to be horrific but it's not that bad, it's just because Punk has let us down character wise. His matches have all been very good.
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  7. Do you think they will make punk have the #1 title regin ever ?
  8. No, because he will lose to Cena! :yes:
  9. Doubt it, I see him perhaps losing it at MITB.
  10. his matches have all been good :emoji_slight_smile: he's made the best of what vince is giving him
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  11. Vince does like punk great ring preformer :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. I mentioned something along these lines in another thread. People wanted Punk to become a main eventer for years, and now he finally is. Despite not being the same 'edgy' character he was during the summer of Punk (or as funny or insulting on the mic in general), he is still not that bad. His matches have all been great at least.

  13. :lol1: name the times he's mainevented. there aren't any! :boss1:
  14. The only reason why everyone hates Punk's reign is because his true character was shut down and he was turned into a kiddy joke champion that can wrestle. Because that all he ever does on the mic now, dumb kiddy jokes.
  15. I'll go ahead and put on my flamesuit before I state this, but Punk's ring work is drastically overrated. His move set bores me to tears. His awful elbow, his terrible GTS, his stupid knee/bulldog that he botches 9 times out of 10, his lame suicide dive, his kicks, and whatever other boring moves I'm forgetting, I'm just tired of his ring work I guess. His matches are good, but look at who he's been working with; Crayo already mentioned them. Bryan, Ziggler, Jericho.. these are guys who can put on an enjoyable match with anyone.

    The one match he's had that I thought he had to carry that really impressed me was a WWE Title match with Henry on Raw.

    but yea, neg rep me, post disapproving smilies/gifs, call me a hater, moron, whatever. But Punk just bores me all around at this point. It's quite possible that his god awful character is influencing my interest in his matches, but if I hear him scream BEST IN THE WORLD one more time I'm going to dropkick my cat in the face. So basically next Monday poor Snoop is taking one for the team
  16. PMSL at Dolph's post I agree with some of it and disagree with others as is standard when I read his posts. I mainly believe it his character that has killed him, however yes at times his ring work is sloppy but maybe thats his frustration at his lack of anything interesting to do. However as a pro that shouldn't affect him but he seems a lot poorer in ring than when he first came to WWE.
  17. :dafuq: leave Dat kitty alone mutha fucka
  18. She has a helluva chin. She can take it.
  19. I'm calling swat cats on yo ass
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