Royal Rumble Give me one good reason why Bryan deserved to win the Rumble?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. I really want to know. Just let me know what Bryan did to deserve this years Rumble win than Reigns?
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  2. The real question is why was DB tossed like a midcarder? WWE thought spacing him and Reugns would work. Not even The Rock could save him, man. I get why they got rid of him quick, that way he aboided Reigns and vice versa but boy that failed. ROLLINS DOE!!!.
  3. Bigger and better story. Would create a bigger reaction. Roman isn't ready, pick one.

    Bryan had a built in story going in not to mention a connection with almost the entire fanbase compared to Roman who doesn't have that yet.

    The beloved hero coming back to earn his spot at the show of shows is too good a story to pass up on.

    + There was no one else ready/fitting. Had Rollins won the belt Dean would have made sense. But since he didn't well here we are...
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  4. I'm thinking they thought that if he got eliminated him early, they'd forget about it. Wrong choice since they boo'ed the entire match. Should have had him in the final four.
  5. Exactly
  6. I'm not really sure what anyone could "do" to deserve to win the Rumble. They would only be subjective measurements. I can't really see what Reigns did to deserve it either.

    While not deserving it more or less than anyone, it's clearly what a large amount of fans want to see.

    My disappointment was like some others. I didn't think Bryan was going to win, but I didn't think he'd be jobbed like he was either. I think if he had made it to the final four that it would have been fine. But the way it hhappened, anyone could assume it was a deliberate attempt to push him to the side. It's one thing not to cater completely to the fans, they shouldn't do that. It's a complete different thing to give the fans a middle finger like they did.

    I don't think deserving is the criteria that should be used in determining a winner. I don't think Reigns is any more deserving than Bryan is, likewise Bryan is not more deserving than Reigns. It's simply preference and the majority preference right niw seems to lie with Bryan. But giving most of your fans a product they will enjoy is a criteria.
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  7. Member that one time the dude that wipes his ass with the American flag was cheered over Reigns? IN PHILLY

    Your move WWE
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  8. Remember that one time when everyone wanted Bryan to win the rumble and he didn't?

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  9. He's more popular than Roman and would be a better match with Borck, what else do you want?
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  10. It's not about what he's done. It's about what the fans want to see.
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  11. Member last time when DB ME mania because everyone wanted it and he won?
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  12. I didn't want it, am I a fan?
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  13. I dont give a shit what you are. Dont try to impress me with your remarks. I lose no sleep about your opinions on anything
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  14. You give all the shits. You only care about people's opinions when they are sucking off Bryan?
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  15. Well, from a business standpoint, in the words of Ted Dibiase's entrance music Money, money, money, money, mon-eeeeeey.
    I'm not sure how deserving that makes him to us but the company should appreciate it.
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  16. Are you suggesting that I only take into consideration people's opinions if they support Daniel Bryan....

    CM Punk made this thread and I respect his knowing he isnt a fan of DB. Start to consider maybe I just dont care give a damn what YOU think and stop jumping to conclusions fuckboy
  17. Yes. You do care about my opinions. Why would you be getting so mad right now if you didn't?
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  18. Lol . K.
  19. I might come off as a Bryan hater, but I don't dislike/hate him. Not a huge fan like I used to be, I just personally don't think he was the guy that should have won the rumble based off how he was booked.

    I understand that returning stars usually win the Rumble, but he lost a match on last weeks RAW compared to Roman who has been undefeated in singles matches since 2014.
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