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Ryan Blake can be seen exiting an elevator on the top floor of WWEF Precision Headquarters in Times Square, New York, which is obviously paid for by "The Money Man" Buster Gates. The General Manager of Precision and former European Champion is on his phone, chatting with whomever's on the other end while walking towards his office.

Ryan Blake: "Haha, okay man."

Ryan Blake opens his office door and turns the light on before shutting said door and walking over to his desk. He almost drops into his chair and suddenly notices someone that he may not want to be alone in a room with.

Ryan Blake: "Yeah, I'm gonna have to call you back, I just found a rat sitting on my office couch... Okay, I'll speak to you soon, yeah... Bye."

Ryan hangs up his phone. The camera turns to Ryan's office couch to reveal Andersen Vega to be lounged out on the sofa. Vega lifts himself off of the couch and picks up his trusty Baseball Bat, that was leaning on the arm of the couch.

Andersen Vega: "Hmhm, a rat, huh? Didn't know that you had such a sense of humour, buddy. Unfortunately, I'm not really in a joking mood."

Ryan remains calm, seemingly relaxed, despite Vega's presence in his office.

Andersen Vega: "You've actually been lucky the last couple of weeks, I mean, after you screwed me out of an opportunity to go for The Undisputed Championship two weeks ago in my Elimination Chamber qualifier I was gonna come and visit you but luckily for you Jack Rogue went all Hannibal Lecter meets Gingerbread Man and so I was caught up in trying to undo some of the damage that I may have done, but now... After Jack whooped my ass last night, I've got some time to kill and I thought, why not kill that time by killing you. So, why don't you go ahead and give me one good reason why I shouldn't break your legs into a million pieces, Amazing H style, huh?

Andersen Vega, with a scowl on his face, stares directly into the eyes of his employer with vengeance on his mind. Ryan, however, seems relatively unfazed by the rather intimidating former Iron Man Champion wielding solid steel bat. In fact, a smirk can be seen forming on the face of the Precision GM and also a look of impress.

Ryan Blake: "Well this is a bold move, even for you... Can't say that I'm surprised to see you because I know how you like to hold grudges but I didn't expect to find you waiting for me in my office with a bat, ready to kneecap me, but I guess costing someone an opportunity to compete for the biggest prize in Professional Wrestling, in the biggest main event in the company's history and at biggest event in the company's history kinda does tend to piss people off. But Andy, I didn't want to cost you anything. You've represented both Sony Storm and Precision for years and the fact that you have never had a shot at the top prize is damn near a crime, but you've got to understand that I had to insure that my brother be in the main event at Wrestle Dynasty. Hell, if your brother was in danger of losing out on the thing he wanted most in this world, being a shot at the title that he wrongfully lost, then you'd do the sa..."

Andersen Vega: "Oh save me your bullshit, Ryan. If your cross dressing little bitch ass brother was as good as he thought he was, he would've beaten the crap out of me but instead he needed to get big brother onto me. Being GM means that you make the matches, not decide on the outcome. Your bro's had every opportunity in the world just granted to him on a silver fucking platter and you handed him another one, and I honestly wouldn't give a shit about that if it wasn't for the fact that you gave him an opportunity that I was just moments away from earning for myself! Oh, ya know what? I'm done talking. I'll buy you a wheelchair after I'm done crippling your fat ass..."

Vega, obviously incensed, steps towards Ryan and looks to be moments away from attack, but Ryan, who's rather fond of his knees and would rather them remain attached to the rest of his body, tries to talk some reasoning into Vega.

Ryan Blake: "You want a reason not to cripple me? How about an opportunity at The Undisputed Championship at Wrestle Dynasty?"

This proposal catches Vega's ear, and he looks to the ground for a second before looking back up at Ryan.

Andersen Vega: "Really? Just like that... I don't buy it so what's the catch"

Ryan smirks at Vega.

Ryan Blake: "You know me a little too well, don't you? Well, the catch is that you've lost your last three matches and therefore there's no reasonable explanation as to why you should be afforded an opportunity at The Undisputed Championship and so you're gonna have to earn it like everyone else in the Chamber match."

Andersen Vega: "And with literally zero shows remaining until Wrestle Dynasty, how do I go about earning that shot then, huh? Do I have to wipe your ass for a week and do whatever you ask of me? Because I'm just gonna point out that that's already been done this year."

Ryan Blake: "Haha, nah, enslavement is your thing and who am I to steal your gimmick... No, you're gonna have to compete for it like everyone else has, by qualifying. You're gonna have a qualifying match to open Wrestle Dynasty, and if you win, you'll earn the opportunity to close out Wrestle Dynasty with the biggest prize in this business around your waist."

Andersen Vega: "A little bleak, don't ya think? I mean, I know that I'm good but winning two matches in one night's a little difficult even by my standards. And assuming that I'd not cripple you and I decided to accept your offer, who would my opponent be?"

Ryan Blake: "Well, if you are in fact Andersen Vega, self proclaimed "King Of The World" then you should have no problem with showing off your greatness twice in one night. Especially since I know for a fact that you'll want to get your hands on that Undisputed Title. But, even more so, you'll definitely want to get your hands on the opponent that I have in mind... Me."

Vega seems slightly shocked at Ryan's proposal here, since Ryan is supposed to be retired from active competition.

Ryan Blake: "Ryan Blake vs Andersen Vega, the winner advances into the Elimination Chamber match in the main event of the final show of the year. What do you say, my pal? Do we have an accord?"

Andersen Vega: "Shrewd strategy. You give me everything that I want, being a shot at you and a shot at The Undisputed Title and in return I have to wait a week before I break your kneecaps? I'm up for it! But, just so you know... Nothing's gonna stop me from getting that title. Congrats on coming out of retirement, but be prepared to end up right back into retirement after Wrestle Dynasty."

Vega, no longer being allowed to break any kneecaps until Wrestle Dynasty, storms out of Ryan Blake's office, leaving the now un-retired General Manager alone, with a smile on his face.

Ryan Blake: "I look forward to it."

The video fades to black, the last image being Ryan Blake, with an expression that makes him look like he's devised a master plan for world domination.


It's the end of the year so I thought that I'd try a different layout for my promos... IMO it looks posh as fuck so I'm happy with it.

Hope y'all like!

Mentions: Ryan Blake/Robert [email protected], The Amazing H @SupaHeeroh, Jack Rogue @Geek773
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