Give me some emo/punk songs (music like Blink 182)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jan 23, 2014.

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  1. Post them here. In that sort of mood.
  2. Emo:
    Simple plan (entire discography)
    Good Charlotte (entire discography but earlier albums especially)
    Sum 41 (CHUCK album)

    For more punk/skate punk:
    Sum 41 first album
    alkaline Trio (entire discography)
    New Found glory
    Treble Charger
    Bowling For Soup
    Less Than Jake
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  3. Fuckin love Sum 41
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    To add to Stop's list

    - Dashboard Confessional
    - Secondhand Serenade
    - Say Anything
    - Mayday Parade

    - Scary Kids Scaring Kids(they have a little bit of emo stuff as well)
    - AFI
    - Dance Gavin Dance
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  5. @Crayo if you have Spotify I have a 8 hours + playlist I can link you once I get off work.
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  6. Thread was made so I can make a playlist haha. I've got like 20 songs or so in there now. I'd love to have yours to steal from.
  7. I'll send you my playlists I think fitting once I get off work. Will probably come up with some more bands by then as well.
    Oh btw. Fall Out Boy's early work. From under the cork tree is a good album.

  8. Much punk
    So rebel
  9. Sum 41; Green day; Blink182>>>>>
  10. So many good bands here. <3
  11. Just a thought: you might also like to check out Off With Their Heads, Against Me! and Bouncing Souls.
  12. oh god. green day?? blink 182??

    I'm deeply disturbed by this thread.
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  13. Just listen to Rancid, awesome music and Tim Armstrong is the king of punk.
  14. Also The Transplants.
  15. This goes without saying.
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  16. Lol listen to real punk, you pansy.

  17. If you some really cheesy, melodramatic and just flat out gay "emotional" sounding stuff, there's always HIM
    (guilty pleasure :urm: :eww: )
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  18. Green Day
    The Offspring
    Dead Kennedys
    Dropkick MURPEYs (lolol)
    Circle Jerks
    Rise Against
    Eve 6
    Fall Out Boy
    Relient K (you seem like you'd like them LOL)
    Simple Plan
    Sublime (winner winner)
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  20. :obama:
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