Give me your best shot newfags n' Hicks

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by the_hoff, Nov 14, 2013.

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  1. Am I doing this solely for the attention? Maybe. Or maybe I'm doing this for you all, to really let me have it, giving you all the chance to tell me what you really think of The Hoff. So c'mon you stupid STUPID hicks and newfags, lemme have it. Give me your best shot. Here's to you all, courtesy of yours truly, the GREATEST heel in internet history, The HOff :finger::finger::finger::finger:
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  2. > member since Friday
    > calls other people newfags

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  3. It's sad that people put so little effort into troling for bait these days.
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  4. Hey guys, you can either feet this 12 year old, or listen to this fucking awesome song.

    (recommend listening to this if you're stoned)
  5. McDonalds nuggets or Burger King nuggets?
  6. Mc. Donalds with Burger King fries, ofc.
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  7. Neither,Chic-Fil-A's nuggets all the way.:gusta:
  8. Don't have that homophobia joint up here in Canada.
  9. Tom Selleck and Richard Dean Anderson were better.
  10. I didn't even know Burger King made chicken nuggets.
  11. where have u been oztin?
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  12. Yeah,they're pretty good. However, a fresh McNugget can't be beat
  13. Ladies and boys of the WWEF, behold and beware, the new team on the scene, The Hoff, and Black_Jesus. We are Black_hoffy. Deal with it you stupid inbred hillbillies :finger:
  14. ok
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  15. Hoff thanks you for your participation. To show my gratitude, The Hoff will donate one pity dollar to you. Once again,thank you and The Hoff looks forward to your future participation
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  16. I love you more than I love my penis.
  17. How much does The B love his penis?
  18. As much as I love the hoff
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  19. Well, damn. The Hoff is certainly flattered, and is proud to call you his tag team partner :obama:
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