Give The Title To Triple H

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  1. If they really want Roman Reigns to get over as a main event level babyface, then here's what should happen: He wins the tournament, then HHH comes out and sarcastically says he forgot to mention before that the winner of the tournament has to go through him at the end of the night as well to prove they deserve the strap. Reigns, completely fatigued and exhausted from having already wrestled two or three matches that night, falls victim to the almighty Pedigree and Triple H is officially your 14-time WWE Champion. (His purposes for winning are to keep the title warm either until Seth recovers or until he finds a decent enough replacement for him as "The Guy.") Reigns then wins the Rumble while HHH maybe feuds with Dean Ambrose and possibly another filler opponent, and we build towards HHH vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 32.

    I think we can all agree that Reigns will never be the face of the company (at least not in his current character), but he CAN still be a legitimate main event star, and since HHH is a GOAT heel when he wants to be, there's be no better person from him to go over than HHH. Reigns would be booed against Brock Lesnar or a heel Ambrose. Hell, he'd even be the least popular guy in a Shield triple-threat. But against HHH, a match they've been wanting to do since last year and have never got the chance to yet? I can see him being cheered by the majority on that one. (He might get cheered against Cena as well, but it's better to save that match for later. Who wants to see Cena win another championship anyway?)
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  2. Yes, please. I don't even care how/when/if he drops it, but damn it, I want to see him win the belt one more time
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  3. my dickkkkkkkkkk

    this is literally perfect
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  4. >mfw sheamus cashes in on his workout buddy

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  5. That scenario of Lockard's is actually better than what WWE might go with. A Sheamus successful cash-in at the end of the night. Yes, they are THAT lame.
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  6. I would like to see him have one more feud in ring so I am all for this. I am guessing he will wrestle at Mania so why not start building for it now?
  7. Right now, the rumored main event is him vs Triple H but nothing is official until the time gets here. The Rock might not even make Mania (unlikely considering how big the event will be next year, but you never know), or if he does, they may decide to book him against Brock Lesnar anyway, leaving Hunter without an opponent now that Seth is out.
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  8. I think it would make more sense for Roman to align himself with Triple H to become Champion at Survivor Series. I can see the tournament coming down to Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose in a respectful hard fought match against the 2 but towards the end Triple H comes out to help Roman Reigns, so ultimately back stabbing Ambrose.

    Thats way Roman could turn heel, which makes way more sense than Ambrose turning Heel. If Ambrose turned heel against Roman, most the audience would still cheer Dean, but if Roman does he will get a lot of heat. Also Lesnar would probably win the Royal Rumble and it will be a WM rematch from last year but with Lesnar as babyface and Reigns as heel this time.
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  9. I have nothing against either Reigns or Ambrose turning heel. I just hope we do get to see either man turning instead of them doing something lame.

    Roman Reigns in a heel role sounds interesting... Or maybe I'm way too optimistic 'cause I think it'll be good! And I've always felt he needs to be universally hated before he's universally loved, 'cause he's Vince's pet project after all and it's still the brass' intent to (ultimately) make him the next top babyface.

    If anyone else here (besides 6-7 people) watches NJPW, then Roman's heel character would be awesome if it was similar to Tetsuya Naito's. He'd basically have "I give no fucks about anything" attitude.
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  10. Well as I said, Brock vs Rock would pull big time. I think HHH vs Roman or Ambrose, or both would be good.
  11. I think they want Roman to be a babyface though. I personally feel he is a better heel though.
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  12. I actually agree with this wholeheartedly, but I'm being realistic with how they want to make Reigns the next top babyface. Anyone who has ever seen Reigns' old character from NXT that wore a suit and acted like he was above everyone else knows how perfect he would be as The Authority's pet project, but if they plan to stick with their immediate plans to push him to the top as is, I think having him beat Triple H for the belt would be ideal compared to any other hypothetical scenario, especially with Rollins on the shelf now.

    I agree with his, especially since the greatest babyfaces usually start out as heels before naturally endearing the crowd to them overtime. Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena, Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Daniel Bryan, etc. all got over in a big way as heels before they became fan favorites.

    I'd actually much, much rather see them use the scenario I laid out in the OP with Dean Ambrose rather than Roman Reigns, but there's realistically no real probable chance of them pushing Dean over Roman (not at the present time anyway), unfortunately...
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  13. I am hopeful buy scared a the same time. They can do this well or they can screw up everything from here till Wrestle Mania.
  14. Putting the breifcase on Sheamus was a bad idea, him walking out champ is in fact another posibility, but a bad one. Triple h though, I can't believe i'm saying this but YES
  15. Yeah they do want Roman to b3 a babyface but a lot of fans don't like Roman because they feel like WWE is pushing him and trying to force them to like him. This is why a temporary heel turn could actually help Roman overcome that barrier with fans. A lot of the fans who don't like Roman simply because they feel they're supposed to, would warm up to him if he plays a heel role that could gradually transition back to a babyface.

    It's the same scenario that worked for the Rock. WWF was pushing him as their next big star and many of us, including me, resisted and ended up hating him (and God, Rocky Maivia was a shit character) but when we were supposed to hate him, we found reasons to like him.

    So a temporary heel turn for Reigns could make him a better babyface in the future. It's not guaranteed, but simply wanting Reigns as their top babyface isn't a reason to not turn him heel.
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  16. The only problem with Reigns is he is just so goddamn awful on the mic. The Rock was a great heel, but he was just so damn funny that people simply couldn't resist cheering him. Reigns has got a good look and he can put on a decent match but he's easily one of the worst talkers on the roster.
  17. True but when the Rock was Rocky Maivia, he sucked on the mic too. Reigns has actually given a couple good promos and if they dump his current character, it's possible they'll find one he can acclimate to better and he might improve on the mic.

    Reigns' character really sucks right now so it's little surprise his promos do as well. Don't count the guy out, he can evolve.

    But even if he doesn't improve on the mic, that doesn't mean my plan wouldn't work. It's not to make Reigns better, it's just a way to make his push feel less forced.
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  18. Anybody except Triple H.. I'd rather them just give the title to Roman Reigns.. He shouldn't be wasting his time with championships anymore, he needs to focus on running the business.. I don't think you guys have any idea how much work Triple H does in that company, he ain't winning the title.
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  19. Give it to Taker
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