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  1. I say you host some sort of giveaway for the forum achieving 100,000 posts.
  2. I thought the same thing but I had no idea what to give away. Upgrades is pointless because quite a few of our most active members are upgraded meaning a lot will be left out. Money is stupid since we barely have enough to cover monthly hosting. In time I'd love to be able to give out wrestling prizes or something.

    Feel free to suggest some stuff though.
  3. I say giving out an upgrade to a non-upgraded member. Then giving a wrestling related giveaway to upgraded member(s). So, the non-upgraded and the upgraded members get to participate. You can have some sort of community vote to see which non-upgraded member get's an upgrade (upgraded members can vote, stating why they feel he should receive a free upgrade.) A wrestling gift could be some sort of award? Save enough money and purchase one merchandise item of their choosing from or TNA, that could be a good one.
  4. I suggest giving out premium porn accounts.
  5. It doesn't have to be big gifts either. Just a set or Ryder glasses or some sweatbands from WWEshop. Doesn't have to be a DVD or a shirt that costs more.
  6. Obtaining wrestling-related gifts isn't possible yet. That's what I eventually want to do though. A monthly competition with merch from WWE (or TNA, RoH). Until that's possible I can't offer upgrades since it'll leave out the already upgraded members. When we get bigger and we get enough upgrades to pay for hosting with money left, we can start introducing things like this.
  7. Some Brazzers and Bangbros passes would be fine. :dawg:
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  8. I like the idea, it would be cool.
  9. Why not see if some members would donate something for a prize?

    If enough stuff is donated to one central location that could be the prize bounty?
  10. I would kill for some Ryder sunglasses.
  11. A collection of donations to put on a prize would be awesome. We could buy it and host a site competition. Winner gets the prize :emoji_slight_smile:
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