Giving away a free NBA League Pass Account

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Danielson, Nov 13, 2013.

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  1. Well, I have NBA league pass and have access to the online website where I can watch any nba game there. Really nice, but I have it on directv so I will never use it. I already gave away my free nfl account so if there is a guy on here that likes bball and isn't in their home market, let me know. I'll pick the one with the most convincing fan boy story
  2. Why don't you convert it into scrap met- oh wait. This isn't TF2.
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  3. How's about me? Or D'Z
  4. DZ is from the area where his home team plays so he wouldn't be able to watch the warriors. You get blacked out of watching local games, so I could watch the cavs, but I'm a knicks fan. Where are you from and what's your favorite team?
  5. I'm from the bay but I live in Phoenix
  6. Ight if you want it to the watch the warrior , and will actually use it, I'll give it to you.
  7. Duh I can watch it on my iPhone or lappytop
  8. So how would this happen sir?
  9. I'll leave this open until I wake up tomorrow, and then I'll PM you the instructions with my Email/PW. You absolutely can not change either or. I have the directv account (which is the main account) So, I'll know if it is, but I trust you anyways. I just feel the need to say it.
  10. Haha no prob man
  11. As a fan of sports, I would love to get into NBA, but I'm British so availabilities to watch suck dick.

    Any chance you could give this Brit over here the chance to become a big basketball fan? :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. DAMN IT DANNY ! WOW. I would love to watch all Cavs games. However, I dont really think I will be able to watch it from Spain...
  13. I'm way down the line, my bad. This is awesome of you to do Danny.

    I'd take it but i would have to start watching more basketball. Not sure if it's the t-wolves or Bucks (closer to TC, in the past the Twins were my blackout team for MLB, but that was before 08) but both teams suck dick. Plus the cool part about blackout is on a lot of places you can just listen to the other teams commentary and watch it on their channel. At least thats how MLB was in 11.
  14. Great of you to do Danny, you're great. Much appreciated sir. :obama:
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