Glenn Jacobs aka Kane what must he think?

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  1. Glenn Jacobs aka Kane what must he think of how his character has gone from awesome when he debuted taking out Undertaker, beating up different wrestlers, setting fire to JR, electrocuting Shane McMahon's testicles to the shitty Kane character when he got unmasked humiliated with storylines like the Katie Vick thing, being a jobber for different wrestlers, then having that hugging gimmick with Daniel Bryan. And now hes re masked again and is this dominant monster again like WTF he must be thinking WTF is WWE doing to me
  2. Your so hipster using his real name.
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  3. He's probably thinking "oh man another shitty & pointless BLFFL thread..."
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  4. Kane: "wow I've been able to make something out of myself after those hideous Isaac Yankem and fake Diesel gimmicks and have made quite a lot of money and have seen the world a few times over."
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  5. After having a successful 17-year career and making a lot of money? Yeah, he's gotta be so disappointed.
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  6. He's thinking about which businesses he is going to open to maintain his income and what platform will be best to run his political campaign on.
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  7. If he put the mask on he is probably thinking "thank god I don't have to wear a wifebeater in public anymore."
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  8. Guys Kane made the decision himself to take the mask off and put over other stars in fact he says he wants to help talents and lose to newer talents rather than be pushed to gold all of this is his choice, why I don't know but he wants to help the new talent by having them kick his ass.
  9. If I'm remembering correctly, he and his wife just opened an insurance agency. As to the political side, Kane for President!

    Aw, c'mon, man....interjecting logic into a BLFFL thread? :pity1:

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  10. Couldn't resist the obvious. :sandow:
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  11. He must think wow look at all those zeros on my paycheck.
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  12. Glenn Jacobs should of retired after unmasking the first time the way his character was humiliated after that was wrong
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    Kane has always been known as a "Company Man", meaning he's just happy to have a job that allows him to go out and get the rush from performing in front of thousands of people (and millions more sitting at home), and is willing to do whatever he is asked to do without having any qualms about it. He's also stated on the record that he's been offered world championship reigns in the past, but turned most of them down since he prefers putting over talent rather than going over them. Add that to the fact that he's made a lot of money for himself and the fact that the Kane character, even in it's worst form, is still preferable to an evil dentist or a fake Diesel, and I'd say he's not exactly losing sleep at night.
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  14. I don't think he'll care.
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