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  1. When you add a URL hyperlink in your sig, and you go to re edit it, if you click on the image while you're reditting it, it actually loads the page in your signature space, and you can browse the board in that little rectangle space..

    Just a heads up.

    Look at the attachement.
  2. That's the horrible editor thing we have, click the top right button and it'll go back to normal.
  3. Top right button?
  4. Please don't make me make a screenshot on this god damn netbook.

    On the editor where you put your code for your sig, the top right button...
  5. I'll get you a printscreen I think I know what he means give me a minute.

    Show Spoiler
  6. I see, got it @[seabs] thanks :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also, @[Crayo] before I close this thread, is that option available when posting new threads?
  7. Yes. Hopefully I get my PC back soon, I'll work on removing the editor completely. Caused nothing but problems.
  8. @[Anonymous] should delete it if he's on.

    Might I just say that feature is one of two things I dislike on WF I'm not being to picky though because I love this community, excluding a few users..
  9. It's disabled, that's why it's an issue. It's something in the javascript files I'm sure.

    What other feature don't you like? And you know deep down you love everyone :emoji_wink:
  10. I don't like the status box feature. It needs to be ajusted so if you post a link in the box, it won't stretch. It makes the index page look bad when the box is stretched. Also, I went in to delete on of my statuses, and I also noticed I can delete anybody's statuses.
  11. You shouldn't be able to delete other peoples. I've got the buttons but I can only delete my own, try to delete my last one see if it works.
  12. You shouldn't be able to delete anyone's status. I think it says you have the option but if you try it it'll just delete yours. Try it (PM the user first perhaps).

    And yeah that will be fixed soon :emoji_slight_smile:.
  13. @[seabs] I can only delete from the 4th status down. Post a status 3 more times. I'll delete one.
  14. Done try it now?
  15. Crayo was right again.

  16. That's what... twice now?
  17. Crayo was right again.... I feel ashamed..


  18. You don't really do much whilst your on staff tbh, just occasionally delete some posts and sticky the odd thread. Crayo doesn't let you run around with the ban hammer just hitting random profiles sadly.
  19. I know that much @[seabs] I just want the prestige of being on staff.. It would make me feel better, plus, with the green username, that's awesome.. I also feel like I would be doing more anyways.
  20. There's only one hammer, and Xanth hasn't given it back yet :emoji_slight_frown:.
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