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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Just Kevin, Apr 30, 2014.

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  1. Global Force Wrestling sent out the following press release today…
    NASHVILLE – Global Force Wrestling has reached a partnership agreement with AAA, the top wrestling promotion in Mexico for more than 20 years.
    The companies will exchange talent for events in both the United States and Mexico. AAA started in 1992 and quickly became the most exciting professional wrestling promotion in Mexico.
    "AAA is happy to continue our relationship with Jeff Jarrett and now with his newly formed wrestling promotion Global Force Wrestling," said Dorian Roldan, executive vice president of AAA. "I believe it's imperative that wrestling organizations have talent exchanges because it's good for the industry and wrestling fans around the world. It exposes them to different talent and different styles that will bring a unique perspective to GFW."
    Jarrett, the founder and CEO of GFW, and his wife, Karen, have regularly appeared in AAA and have headlined their signature event TripleMania.
    "I've had a working relationship with the family that owns AAA for the past 10-plus years," Jarrett said. "Karen and I have seen firsthand the passion of the wrestling fans throughout Mexico. This is exactly what Global Force Wrestling is about. We're thrilled to share the AAA brand as part of our mission to span the globe to find the absolute best talent. We promise to immerse our fans in a wrestling promotion that is constantly evolving, constantly striving to be innovative and interactive."
    GFW already has announced a partnership with 25/7 Productions and David Broome, the creator of NBC's "The Biggest Loser," and the promotion has several more key announcements planned for the coming weeks.


    Jarrett looks like he is getting this together pretty quickly but really making some good deals at the same time... Might be something to this.
  2. I have high hopes for this promotion to do what TNA has never been able to do. I just hope he has learned his lesson with the mistakes that were made in TNA and this promotion can replace his old stomping grounds. As much as I like TNA I think they are getting close to that point where they are staying alive longer than what they should be.
  3. Was this only just announced? Damn this was in the pipeline for a long time then as I remember hearing about it a bit ago. Great news though looking forward to seeing what they pull out if the hat with this.
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  4. Yeah it had been in talks for awhile I think J.J couldn't find another backer for awhile because he didn't really have a full proposition planned, seems it was more like around Feb./March when the discussions started to heat up and then they started working it out.
    This thread was poster at the end of April but not a bad idea to bump it.

    I'm pretty excited for it; always nice to see a fresh professional circuit come about, not very often you can say you followed one from the start (give or take a few breaks).
  5. Hope this promotions lasts. Not against a wrestling company to succeed.
  6. Precisely this, also may make some promotions try harder etc... Could lead to some great stuff as fans.
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  7. Definitely if they see a newer company come onto the scene at full force at put on some solid shows they will definitely have to try harder, especially TNA :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  8. I'm going to hold off judgement until I see what they're going to do. I'm not extremely optimistic about this, but who knows? It's worth a shot. And I sincerely hope this puts Scott Steiner on TV again.
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  9. It's been almost a month now since we've heard they were partnering up with AAA (offtopic a bit; isn't that Mistico aka the original Sin Cara's new promotion?) Has anyone heard any more updates, I've been trying to keep up with their website and it looks like they're getting the behind the scenes work finished and still scouting talent around the country/world.
  10. I'll just throw this in here rather than creating a new thread.
    It looks like Jeff Jarrett is set to make his first official talent scouting

    "The talent search and seminar will take place on Sunday, June 1st as part of the North American Sport & Hobby Expo, which runs Friday through Sunday at the WFCU Centre."
  11. With all the releases in WWE today, Jeff Jarrett has stated that the talent pool just became a bit more deeper for his new promotion.

    Wishful thinking from me is that Jinder ends up there and is the stud of the promotion.
  12. JJ MUST hire Scott Steiner. Not optional.
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  13. Hopefully Jarrett can lure in some of the good talents both WWE and TNA have let go - I'd say Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Evan Bourne from WWE and also guys like Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin from TNA. Heck, I'd love to see "The Icon" Sting in GFW.

    And could GFW use Hawkins' new wrestling school for new talents in a few years?
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