Glory By Honor XIII Preview

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  1. Saturday, November 15th, 2014 - San Antonio, TX
    Briscoe vs ACH
    We are just DAYS away from GLORY BY HONOR XIII! We are proud to bring this ROH tradition to San Antonio! Ring of Honor's return to the great state of Texas is shaping up quickly - and two hometown Texas athletes will be challenging for titles! In addition, the ROH World Tag Team Championship will be defended and a whole lot more. Here's what's lined up for GLORY BY HONOR XIII!


    At CHAMPIONS VS ALL STARS in Kalamazoo, ACH outlasted nearly every other ROH athlete in the match. He pinned TWO champions in the match – TV Champion Jay Lethal and Tag Champion Bobby Fish. He made it to the final two, finally falling to ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. But his amazing performance in this eight man elimination earned ACH a title shot. A WORLD Title Shot!

    San Antonio is a special place for ACH. He got his professional wrestling start right there in Texas, building his name and reputation before finally stepping onto the bigger stage in Ring of Honor. And once he was in ROH, he had what most still point to as the “breakout match” of his Ring of Honor career right in San Antonio, when he and Jay Lethal tore the house down in front of hundreds of cheering fans.

    ACH has always said he’s fueled by motivation and fueled by the fans who support him night after night. And there’s no place more enthusiastic about ACH than Texas! By most accounts, Jay Briscoe would have the advantage rolling into November 15th. But while Briscoe has the champion’s size and experience edge, you can never discount the power of a psychological advantage. Every fan in that arena will be on their feet pushing ACH to win. Could that be enough to shake Jay Briscoe for the few seconds ACH needs to capitalize?


    One man in Ring of Honor has been amassing an series of victories surpassing any other in Ring of Honor. R.D. Evans is the guardian of #TheNewStreak, which has finally reached 173-0! #TheOldStreak was the absolute pinnacle as far as unbroken victories are concerned - and yet #TheNewStreak is fast approaching BREAKING this record.

    According to Veda Scott, the machine behind #TheNewStreak prides itself on subtlety and humility in the face of success...but with such an historical moment fast approaching, excitement tends to build and occasionally one must indulge in a bit of back patting. R.D. Evans has taken to social media, tweeting several updates on the potential he has to defeat #TheOldStreak and pointing out that ROH Head Matchmaker doesn't seem to be nearly as thrilled about this as he should be. Evans insists that his impending (and according to Evans and his camp, inevitable) victory ought to be celebrated and that he deserves a shot at some ROH gold.

    When Nigel heard that, he immediately stated he wanted R.D. to "put his money where his mouth is" and set up a match for him in San Antonio at GLORY BY HONOR XIII! R.D. Evans will finally get a title shot when he takes on ROH World Television Champion JAY LETHAL on November 15th. It's going to be Title vs. Streak!

    Granted, most recently R.D. Evans has been competing in the ROH tag team scene with his partner, MOOSE. But Veda Scott has been assuring those victories count toward #TheNewStreak and the number just keeps on climbing. Now everything rests on November 15th. GLORY BY HONOR will be an historic night in ROH one way or another. Either R.D. Evans wins his very first title in Ring of Honor and achieves the all-time greatest winning streak in professional wrestling history...or #TheNewStreak finally comes to an end.


    The ROH World Tag Team Championship will also be defended at GLORY BY HONOR. Currently held by reDRagon, these titles remain the ultimate goal of every single team competing in Ring of Honor. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly have gone international and are right now competing as a team in NJPW. AND they're the new IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions! But they're returning just in time for GLORY BY HONOR...

    Any team who wrestles in ROH wants to be the tag team champions. It doesn't matter if you've been teaming for 10 days or 10 years - those World Tag Team titles mark the best of the best in Ring of Honor. And on November 15th, one of the newer units in ROH will get the chance to step up and win gold: THE KINGDOM, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven!

    The Kingdom shocked the world when they revealed MATT TAVEN as their newest acquisition. Adam Cole, Maria Kanellis, and Michael Bennett believe they are the cream of the crop in ROH. To get their seal of approval, Matt Taven must have truly impressed The Kingdom - and now he has the opportunity to earn them some ROH gold! Taven and Bennett have made it known that they intend to compete as a team and become a huge force in the division.

    But as egotistical as The Kingdom may be, there's one team who can match them when it comes to arrogance: reDRagon. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly have long claimed to be the "best team on God's green," and they have the record and the titles to back that up. And as soon as they get word that Taven and Bennett think they "deserve" to be champions, reDRagon will no doubt have a few issues with that claim!

    Every title in ROH will be defended at GLORY BY HONOR XIII! San Antonio is the place to be on November 15th. To get your tickets and be there live, click HERE!



    This is a whole lot of mass in one wrestling ring! Four very diverse athletes will battle in a FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH! Most likely, this is not the match to watch if you're looking for technical finesse and hold-for-hold grappling. This is going to be a FIGHT!

    Hanson is coming off a near-victory in the 2014 SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST tournament. He's surely looking to capitalize on that impressive performance here. Meanwhile, Moose is ALWAYS a huge threat...but might he be a little distracted as his tag partner, R.D Evans has the most important match of his life that same night? Add in the always unpredictable Mark Briscoe and an increasingly grizzled, surly BJ Whitmer and you have an the makings of a wild night in San Antonio!

    While they've mostly wrestled as a tag team in ROH, The Addiction are hungry for any opportunity to take on the best in the world! At CHAMPIONS VS ALL STARS, Daniels and Kazarian wrestled Cedric Alexander and Jimmy Jacobs, respectively, in two incredible matches. Now they're coming to San Antonio to continue that trend!

    Daniels vs. Cole is happening on November 15th! Adam Cole's rise through ROH - from young kid in opening matches to ROH champion making appearances all over the world - has been nothing short of incredible. In just a few short years, Cole has ensured his legacy in ROH and he still has so much more he can accomplish! And Adam Cole wants everyone to know - he IS the face of Ring of Honor.

    But Christopher Daniels is an ROH original - competing in that ring long before Adam Cole stepped into his first day of training. And as we saw in his match against Cedric Alexander in Kalamazoo, Daniels does not hesitate to remind his opponents that he's more seasoned and more experienced than they might ever be. It's a sort of mind games, getting into the head of his opponents and making them doubt themselves.

    CAN you shake the confidence of Adam Cole? There are moments when the former champion's self-assurance seems to reach near delusional levels. Even against a cagey veteran like Christopher Daniels, it remains to be seen if Cole will be respectful...or arrogant. This is a huge match that is years in the making and you can see it LIVE at GLORY BY HONOR XIII!


    We already know that "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels will take on former ROH World Champion Adam Cole live in San Antonio. This is a giant first time ever matchup between two of the top talents in the world! But the other half of The Addiction will ALSO be in action at GLORY BY HONOR! He's set to go one-on-one with Mr. ROH himself...RODERICK STRONG!

    Roderick Strong is an ROH Triple Crown Champion. He's been a tag champion, the Television Champion, AND the ROH World Champion. He's won SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Roderick Strong has accomplished just about every possible goal in ROH...and that's why he's a perfect test for someone like Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian and Daniels are "addicted" to wrestling the best ROH has to offer, be it in singles or tag team competition.

    If you want to prove you're a force in ROH, you do it by taking on an athlete who has done it all! But Roderick Strong has also taken issue in the past with those he feels haven't earned enough respect in ROH. While it seems Roddy has recently focused most of his animosity on Adam Page, you have to believe there's a bit of lingering resentment for someone like Frankie Kazarian. Roderick Strong has been a backbone of Ring of Honor...and you can't really "belong" in ROH until you face the Triple Crown Champ!

    These two men might seem similar at first glance. Both young athletes with all the potential in the world. Will Ferrara has been honing his skills in the ROH Dojo and taking advantage of every opportunity he has. And a few months ago, you probably would have described Adam Page the same way: humble and hardworking.

    But Page's time in The Decade has changed him - and most people say it's for the worst. BJ Whitmer is definitely rubbing off on him. So it remains to be seen what Page will make of a young "kid" like Ferrara, who's working every moment to earn a shot. They are the future of pro wrestling and the future is right here in ROH!


    Tommaso Ciampa often complains that he isn't scheduled to compete on ROH shows...not that it stops him from interjecting into matches. In San Antonio, he's been slated to face ROH's man of love and mystery, The Romantic Touch! This is definitely a clash in personalities. Lately, all eyes are on Ciampa while Nigel McGuinness monitors his behavior in ROH. It doesn't take much to provoke "The Sicilian Psychopath!"

    *Plus* Starting at 5:45pm, there will be a pre-event Q & A Session w/ The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

    To get your tickets to GLORY BY HONOR XIII on November 15th in San Antonio, click HERE!


    November 15th, 2014
    San Antonio Shrine Auditorium
    901 North Loop 1604 West
    San Antonio TX, 78232
    Bell Time - 7:30pm

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