GM storyline dropped

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. Putting it here since it concerns both shows.

    I agree since Booker has been a very competent GM so far. But why is AJ then acting like a bag of drowning cats?

  2. Does this mean AJ is staying as GM for a while? :why:
  3. Omfg, I thought WWE couldn't get any worse atm. Turns out, it could. Fuck AJ.
  4. Come On!
  5. AJ's still having problems... maybe only AJ goes so someone replaces her and Booker stays? Either that, or WWE's long term planning fails again.
  6. Hmm... I wonder what happened in that creative meeting before Raw 1000 that convinced them it was a good idea to make AJ the GM in the first place...

    Show Spoiler

    Ranjin Singh: Hey Vince, we're almost to the 1000th Raw, and we still don't know who the GM is going to be! Who was it you wanted?
    Vince McMahon: "Hulk Hogan! He'll bring plenty of ruthless aggression back to the product!"
    Singh: "But Hogan's with TNA, and he's hardly about ruthless aggres... never mind."
    Vince: "But Ric Flair just left TNA!"
    Michael P.S. Hayes: "PUSH RANDY ORTON RAWR"
    Singh: "Great ideas guys, but Orton's shooting a movie, and Flair's under contract too. We need someone else, and we don't have much time!"
    *A smart-mark, new to the creative team, walks in to give Vince some coffee and his daily pills*
    Vince: "Macho Man, Randy Savage!" (The smark facepalms)
    Singh: "Umm... well..."
    Hayes: "The viper is coiling and ready to strike!"
    Smark: "Get the fuck out of here, Hayes, go back to managing Tyson on Superstars"
    Singh: "Interesting. Why not make Tyson Kidd the GM?"
    Vince: "How dare you mention such a thing! He's way too entertaining for WWE's quality standards!"
    Smark: Can we please get some people in here younger than Moses? I joined WWE because I love the business, but didn't know it was run by a senile old man, his puppet, and some retard over here who's obsessed with riding Orton's dick!"
    Hayes: "You can't spell predator without retard... like an Apex Predator..." *Goes down to the ground to do Orton's taunt and chants R...K...O...*
    Vince: *That's it! Great idea Hayes! Lets make AJ the General Manager of Raw!"
    Singh: "Hey, awesome idea, nobody will see this coming!"
    Smark: :dafuq:
    Vince: "AJ's done so much to deserve this! She's went through having to own that evil organization of WCW, made to bark like a dog, and even a ridiculous marriage angle with Kane and a love triangle with... uhh... Jeff Hardy and Christian! Why not make her GM?"
    Singh: "Great id..."
    Smark: "Oh, Shut the fuck up, You've been booking this bitch as mentally unstable for weeks, she doesn't have much acting ability at all, and it makes no sense. She already has a storyline, are you just gonna drop it?"
    Vince: "Yeah, drop it like it's hot!" *Throws up bad, fake gang signs*
    Smark: "Umm... yeah. You have no plan. You have no idea what you're doing. You just made a storyline with no payoff so you're doing something stupid instead. Which can work if you plan it out, but this clusterfuck of drooling baboons can't think at all. Please. Vince Russo is better than all you morons combined. What makes you think this is a good idea?"
    Hayes: "Because my name... is Randy Orton... and I'm the World Heavyweight Champion"
    *Hayes leaves to change his pants*
    Singh: "Why don't you crash her wedding to announce her being GM tonight?"
    Vince: "Wait, there's a wedding tonight?"
    Smark: "Fuck this shit, I'm outta here"
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  7. I love AJ's spunk.
  8. I enjoy AJ as the Raw GM... However, Like Brodus Clay's entrance... Its getting old, boring and repetitively annoying.
  9. I don't see what the problem is, just put Heyman in charge.
  10. :yes:
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