Goahn6425 WWE 1000th Raw Results of 7-24-12! Video

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jul 24, 2012.

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  2. 37 minutes?
  3. yet I broken it down and it taakes longer b/c of that.
  4. lol he's crying at the end.
  5. I ad u man can u promo video Raw video again?
  6. what?
  7. can u do what u did last time when I post my Raw Results?
  8. my videos are blocked in us.
  9. can u promo though? and i though were the SD one now it Raw 2?
  10. Randy, what did you think of his heel turn? Cba to listen to video atm.
  11. it's full right now with my other videos. yes now raw also.
  13. That rant on the Miz was gold. Good video bro.
  14. I love how he is pronouncing all the DX members apart from H and Shawns's names wrong at one point. Clearly he was that excited. Road Dent, Billy Goun and X-Spock.
  15. Dude, I've said this before and stop denying it. You're trying so hard to sound like wrestlingjesus and changing your voice. It's stupid, be original. WrestlingJesus is retarded, you don't WANT to sound like him.
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  16. +1

    Although feel free to copy the way he says "motherf***er", that's the only reason to watch his videos anyway, and with you saying it there's no reason to.
  17. And I going tell u again I AM BEING MYSELF! I AM NOT TRYING TO BE WJ!
  18. Bs. I've watched quite a few of your videos but recently you've been incorporating a random Irish accent and emphasising words like "fuck". Dude, WJ is seen as a complete joke. Be yourself buddy.
  19. You're turning into Rammy aswell! :dawg:

    Shawn's *

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