Goals for 2015

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Dec 23, 2014.

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  1. Continuing on from the legendary @seabs status, what are your goals for 2015?

    For me it's to start University after having a year off doing literally nothing, get a car and just generally do more.
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  2. what would I want for 2015 to be Active on here and to stay healthy and For all my friend's on here to have a wonderful 2015
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  3. Stop brushing my teeth then drinking coffee
    Avoid paying my student loans for another year
    I will start considering other peoples feelings
    I will not quit smoking cigarettes
    Procrastinate more.
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  4. Buy a WiiU
    Beat all my friends at Smash on the WiiU until I have none since they'll be to heart broken and ragequitting to be my friend.
    Go into school.
    Get a better job.
    Get a car.
    Get Metal Gear Solid V
    Destroy Solidus's base on MGSV before fultoning everything(including sheep)
    Locate Danny and steal his beard
    Locate Jono and get him to notice me
    Find FTJ and challenge him to a pokemon game and a backyard wrestling match
    Be more active here
    Use Cortana on my phone to find Cortana hentai and fap
    Not get married
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  5. Quit smoking cigarettes, quit drinking.. (as much).. excercise one more day instead of 4 out of 7 make it 5 out of 7.. find a girlfriend longer than a month or two.
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  6. Good luck with that, he'll probably get it on Steam like a bitch. Just switch to a PS4 like Farooq is so we can destroy stuff.
  7. Start going to the gym again.
    Study more.
    Sleep more.
  8. I'll fulton his computer
  9. Make sure that you're outside before you do so, I wouldn't want you wasting your GMP.
  10. I'm fultoning your PS4 and sister next
  11. Not before I fulton you and shoot it down to were you land in a Taco Bell that you can NEVER escape.
  12. Going to get a little emotional here, but i want to learn to be able not to take everything so much to heart. I sometimes don't get jokes, or i may not be the quickest person to know what a person is talking about especially if it's towards me and i want to be able to just listen, soak it in and understand before some what humiliating myself.

    I also want to be able to trust people more. I shut alot of people out of my life and it's not in a spiteful way, it's just i want to protect myself, for what reason? I don't really know. But those are my two main goals heading into 2015.

    Basically think wiser, Understand myself more, Understand others more, and learn a little. Never hurts to work on yourself.
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  13. I work at Jack in the BOX. Snake is my manager m8, nice try though
  14. Oh yeah? Well Liquid is on his way and he's going to make Snake's box so wet that it's going to break apart. Snake'll have to use a love box from here and out and you're not allowed in it.
  15. I'm going to try and get fat. Won't be easy but I believe in myself
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  16. To spend more time going out and watch everyone fail their 2014 goals! :bodallas:
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  17. Gradually tone up the intensity of my exercise regimen
    Lift my grades up
    Don't be such an asshole when I'm in a shit mood
    Get back into football
  18. Break out of Kim Jong-Un's sex cave.
  19. Meet a girl, get her pregnant on accident, marry her and take out a life insurance policy in case she isn't a hard worker.

    I've got to get started pretty quickly here.
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