GOAT Game Tournament - Round 1-2

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dat Kid, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Super Smash Bros. Melee

  2. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

  3. Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

  4. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

  5. Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nes)

  6. Super Mario World (Snes)

  7. Super Mario 64

  1. The next matchup for in the GOAT game tournament, the nintendo round.
    Choices in the poll
  2. SMB3 still play that shit.
  3. Love Majora's Mask, but I have to give A Link to the Past it's due. It was an amazing game at it's time, and more innovative then Majora's Mask, just for the sake of Majora's Mask reusing character models. Still love Majora's Mask more, but I'm voting for A Link to the Past to win here.
  4. Super Smash Bros. Melee you noobs.
  5. Figures all the games I really love would be placed against each other (boy, does that make me come off as a Nintendo fanboy). Anyway, not sure what I'm choosing so far, just going to try and figure this out as I post.

    I'll immediately get rid of A Link To The Past and Super Mario 64. The former because I just don't really care for it (I don't dislike it, but it doesn't really do anything for me, the only Zelda games that have done something for me are Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, & Wind Waker [though I've never got much chance to play it (my brother owns the gamecube Zelda collection which comes with a demo of Wind Waker [a fifteen minute one I think] somewhere in the game and I've played the beginning at my cousin's once but that's it)]) and the latter because I preferred the DS release and besides my personal preference is side-scrolling platformers so while it's fun, it's not as fun as the other Mario games. I know when suggesting games I tended to go a little more "objective" but Mario games, most of them anyways, really only strive to be fun (and yes, games tend to want to be fun but they tend to have other objectives there whereas almost all Mario games don't want aim for other objectives, they are basically more refined versions of the essence of older games like Tetris & Pacman, where it served one purpose, fun, so yes, there is a distinction here).

    This leaves me with Melee, DKC2, Majora's Mask, SMB3, & Super Mario World . . . games I really do love. Unfortunately, Majora's Mask & DKC2 are at a bit of a disadvantage here since they're the only games I haven't played in the past few years really but all made an indelible impact on me as a gamer so maybe that won't be a big deal but pointing it out now. I probably shouldn't remove Melee & DKC2 just because I prefer Brawl & DKC respectively, since this is only asking what's the best out of the list.

    Okay, after typing out two long paragraphs and realizing that it took those two to cover three games, I've decided that it'll probably be my longest post on this site (which says a lot) if I continued with this method so I'll just stop and try and think this through internally then post my results. I've decided to remove Melee and DKC2 just because I prefer their sequel and prequel. I think I'll go with Super Mario Bros 3 after thinking hard about it. Mario Bros 3. has more variety (the different world gimmicks), funner boss levels, and is essentially perfect (in the All-Stars version at least [I also prefer the All-Stars version of Super Mario World, fuck palette swap Luigi]) and Mario 3 beat Majora's Mask because of personal preference. Both are essentially perfect games for their respective genres, but I prefer Mario Bros. 3 genre.
  6. Completely agreed
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  7. Super Mario 64, oh hell yes.
  8. I thought Mustafar was something in Star Wars. :russo:
  9. Actually it is. It's the volcanic planet where Darth Vader(even though he doesn't have the suit, Anakin had gave in to the dark side and gained the Sith Lord title) and Obi-Wan had their lightsaber duel, which Obi-Wan won.
  10. Knew it. :ksi:
  11. I still think anakin won that fight, he broke obi's heart.
  12. Obi-Wan: You broke my heart Anakin!....that'll cost an arm and two legs :troll:
  13. Well, we all know qui-gon developed the powers to return in holo form after death, which he taught to obi-wan, who anakin killed eventually. He was able to come back though so

    QUI-GON > ALL????????????????
  14. To be fair, Qui-Gon was suppose to be one of the best in lightsaber combat, which was probally why he felt like he could take on Darth Maul by himself. He isn't all that bad, and at least he wasn't a slave to the Jedi Council like most Jedis.
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  15. To be fair, the best jedi is yoda without a doubt.
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  16. True, he actually beat Mace Windu in some sort of lightsaber honor duel as well, which made him the best on the lightsaber. Not to mention, he was very strong with the force and stood his ground against Sidous.
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  17. Mine goes to LTTP. Never fail to stop loving this game, play it at least once a year and it was a huge leap forward for a Zelda game at the time which paved the way for the others. Also could be surprisingly difficult in areas with some bosses being frustrating if they knocked you of a ledge. Ganon at the end. Great replay value and probs the first game I pulled an all nighter on.
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  18. Darth Sidious killed his sith lord.
  19. The way of the Sith. The way of the Sith is just a lust for power, the apprentices learn by watching their masters, but are sent to missions on their own. Once they become powerful enough, they create a plot and destroy their master, like how Malek turned on Revan.
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  20. But revan is boss Sith
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