God of War: accomplishments of the day

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  1. #1. Started under Poseidon. (Apparently really sucks in battle)
    #2. BEAT @"GrammarNazi82" more times than she beat me :lol1:
    #3. Corrected @"GrammarNazi82" in her improper spelling of "Ascension"
    #4. Switched to being under Ares.. (Best choice ever)
    #5. Kicked ass on GoW

    GN, you up for some more of my all-mighty powers? :rock:
  2. I'll choose to ignore some of your "claims." :kratos: Considering I had only done the single-player Trial of the Gods stuff on the multiplayer section, it was really cool and fun, though Bloodrath slaughtered me more times than I can count. :haha: I kicked your ass a fair number of times, and still came out ahead of you in the rankings for most of the battles. :obama: Just wait till I level up some more and get more practice with it.

    Really? I chose Poseidon because some of his stuff sounded awesome. I upgraded some of my character's items and such after we finished playing, so going to see how that works now since I had just the basics last night. Don't know that it'll help much though. :haha: But yeah, I'll stick with Poseidon for now and see how it goes for a bit longer, then may switch to Ares later since he was my second choice anyway.

    Speaking of which though.... for the character's abilities, do you have any clue how to use the ones listed under "Items"? I know magic is R2, but I purchased a new item last night and have no idea how to actually use it, lol.

    We should do a 2-player coop sometime, too, if you think you can manage to not want to kill me. :kratos:
  3. Haha you can't kill people in 2 player co-op. Also, you don't activate the items. Read the effects on the items. Like my item auto-activates after I kill and enemy. I hate how magic doesn't auto-restore by the way :/
  4. LOL, yeah, that's what I'm saying...IF you can manage to not want to kill me (i.e. play like we did last night) then we should do 2 player co-op where you can't kill me. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Ohhh, I gotcha. Good to know, because the items confused me since I didn't remember anything about how to use them, haha. And yeah, it would be great if magic would auto-restore; would definitely come in handy.
  5. The only thing I like about God of War Ascension is the song played in the trailer. And that reason being cause it also plays at my work. :pity1:

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