Gohan admits his inner feelings

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. @blank thank you for the help


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  3. :lol1: Love it. I witnessed it happen! This shit is epic.
  4. Sold your soul for nothing Gohan. CM Punk is rolling in his grave. I'd never say that about Miz to get a vote. A true act of desperation.
  5. :obama: it had to happen
  6. Also... inb4 Gohan says it wasn't him. :haha:
  7. lol no kidding.

    I'm expecting a youtube claim here any minute, asking me to take it down.
  8. FAIR IS FAIR (use). He keeps chanting Fair is Fair and "it is cheating". I think he's cracked.
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  9. I'm rejoining now.
  10. @Blank more videos. :lol1:
  11. You came back just in time. It's like a real life loop. He's been mutter-whispering the same thing over and over.
  12. He's lost it. You can literally hear his train of thought.
  13. I should've listened to StopSpot and finished it at 9 when it was still respectable. I didn't think people would fake vote to get his hopes up.
  14. I randomly link you to a ppv and you dont PM me a link to this? :mad2:

  15. Most of it was recorded, I'll cut it down and upload it tomorrow after I finish work.

    He also has a kick ass Aunt who gave him fire-hazard advice and told him about the medium cheese sauce in the basement, but he didn't want any. I said hello to her but she got scared and ran away. I have that effect on older women.
  16. Making the biggest CM Punk mark i've ever met say, "daniel bryan is the best wrestler in the world", For a silly vote makes me so happy.
  17. :upset: Sorry, champ. I assumed you knew. Dwayne PM-ed me while the stream was in progress, so I jumped in the middle of it. Figured I was the only one who didn't know about it. :haha: Blank recorded it. It's....interesting.
  18. @blank @grammarnazi82 HE'S BACK ON!
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  19. so bitter i missed out on this, pm/link me when you get it done. I wonder if his aunt gives blowjobs and handys for cheap.
  20. :win:
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