Gohan6425 NFL Week 1 Predictions! Video

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Sep 4, 2012.

  2. OH HELL YES. Can't wait to face team pipebomb on the league, wondering if you will scrape a W this year Gohan.
  3. I hate how you don't provide support for any of your arguments. It is just 13 minutes of useless drivel without you giving reasoning for anything you are saying.
  4. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to you too.
  5. As a huge packer fan (obviously) don't include Starks in our running game, and we arent going to crush the 9ers.
  6. Giants > Cowboys due to the Cowboys inept OL vs the Giants' amazing DL
    Bears > Colts because Luck has nothing around him, no playmakers, no running game, no line, no D
    Saints > Skins for the reasons you mentioned (Brees, son)
    Vikings > Jaguars since they have a playmaker who may actually have a pass thrown to him instead of 20 yards behind, plus Jared Allen
    Falcons > Chiefs, would go with the Chiefs if their defense was healthy, can see this one going either way
    Eagles > Browns because the Browns suck ass
    Lions > Rams because the Rams suck ass
    Titans > Patriots... yeah I said it. The Pats' OL isn't the same as it was, and Kameron Wimbley is a monster. Titans for the upset
    Bills > Jets because the Jets could have the worst offense in the league, Fitzpatrick could surprise.
    Texans > Dolphins, never mind, Miami has the worst offense
    Packers > 49ers, this could be a blowout since it's virtually impossible to stop Aaron Rodgers, no matter how good your D is.
    Cardinals > Seahawks, just a hunch tbh. Don't know much about the defenses but believe in Skelton and he has a healthy Wells (for now)
    Panthers > Bucaneers, the Bucs better prove themselves before I think about picking them
    Broncos > Steelers, again, go with the elite pass rushers against bad OL's
    Ravens > Bengals because I can't see how the Bengals' score against the Ravens' D even without Suggs
    Raiders > Chargers because I don't want Dolph's mad at me (and Norv)


    Watching the video now... So I see you're Packers love is just like your Punk love, you sound relatively logical until you bring them up
  7. Agreed with all but packers. I expect a win, but not a blowout.
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