Gohan6425 NFL Week 3 Predictions 2012-2013! Video

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Sep 19, 2012.

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  2. comment... is... not ... watching....


    hows the replacement refs going..

  3. :stfu: NFL>CFL ALWAY!
  4. :dawg:...
  5. Nfl.... JOKE!

    Replacement ref<wwe refs.

    Cfl passes! Nfl runs..

  6. NFL flunkies = cfl stars dude. You must think teeball > MLB also.
  7. Nope.. The CFL is more exciting, more long bombs. Let's fruity "let's run 4 yards" plays
  8. :gtfo: so stupid.
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  9. I guess watching pick up basketball at the YMCA is better than watching the NBA. Less fruity defense!

    College baseball >> MLB. Metal bats = more home runs!
  10. Woo hoo...
    You don't have to agree with my stance. No matter how true it is. The NFL is a more boring brand. Watch a CFL game. Much more action.
  11. There is more action in a street fight between two untrained retards when compared to a UFC Fight as well.. doesn't mean I would rather watch that than two of the best fighters in the world.
  12. Randy crayo 2012.
  13. WRONG!
  14. Even though i agree with rammy, :gtfo: randy. I dont respect you.
  15. :no: you :gtfo:!
  16. Listening now, the Ravens lost due to a phantom holding penalty on Jacoby Jones... And this idiot:

    Show Spoiler

    Not much to say really, don't agree with some of your analysis but it's hard to disagree, either.
    Oh, and I called Arizona as NFC West champs. Look it up.
  17. Do i have to link you to your own demands? Douche, no one gave into your toddler crybaby demands, now go :gtfo: and see you in two weeks. Kia > you anyway.
  19. Aww, you want him to never leave? How sweet.
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