Gohan6425 NFL Week 5 Predictions 2012-2013! Video

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Oct 3, 2012.

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  2. Have you figured out how often you are correct? Cant wait to pipebomb all over your face in fantasy football this week. If i lose, i rage.
  3. Why are your videos so long? No wonder you don't get too much views. Make it like 5 -7 minutes long. No one's gonna be listening to you for 30 whole minutes.
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  4. 11-3 last week... but you still picked the Jets to beat the 49ers
  5. Sometime there short and sometime there fast i do it as fast can but can help sometime!
  7. Bet me on it. i want :smooches:
  8. NEVER!
  9. Game Center says Aids wins by 42.
    With one less player.
  10. Game Center cna be wrong u know that said i was going to lose the champion title game by 50 point and i beat him by 75 points to with the champion a few year back true story!
  11. No, it's always long. You talk way too slow and keep having these awkward pauses "uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... ermmmmmmmmm.... "let'ssssssssssssssss" etc.. You're unprepared on what to say cuz you take too long to read your notes. You take too long to adjust your shitty cameras. Nobody likes those stupid faces and hand gestures you make. You're worse than WrestlingJesus.

    Goodbye. Unsubscribed.
  12. HELL NO THERE NOT THAT LONG ALL THE TIME! And u were never subscribed to me!
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