Gohan6425 Raw Unbagging,Should Punk vs. Taker be the ME at WM29?,WWE Title. Video

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U6Q5mnNWBE[/video]

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  2. God no it should not be.
  3. It's gonna be Rock/Cena again.
  4. 15:00 minutes?
  6. Any Wrestlemania where Undertaker lost his streak should have his match as the headline match. But since that's not happening this year, then no.
  7. the fans are going to boo Cena out of the building if he win the WWE Title. It would be better if Taker won at the end of the show so the fans going home happy. Or there going to Riot. Even Gemni678 on youtube a huge Cena fans thinks that cena winning the belt in NY/NJ will piss the fans if the show closes that way. NY fans don't like Cena!
  8. They booed him out of the building when he won at WM22 and WM23. Shouldn't make a difference this year.
  9. No if that wanted the fans go home happy. Since NY fans don't like Cena! If Taker were the Main Event he wins and the fans go home happy.
  10. Was RAW hard to bag up? How many bags did it take you? Did any snap?
  11. Wait What?
  12. The only reason HBK / Taker mainevented at 26 was due to it being Shawn's last match, I also agree Cena / Rock should mainevent just because it's the main feud you know? Taker / Punk hasn't topped it.

    Can I just recommend you fix the background noise in your video, it makes it hard to carry on listening to you.
  13. Gohan6425 Raw Unbagging
  14. not really I can I was watching TV when I made the video. Punk and Taker I say WILL TOP Rock and Cena 2. 1 Reason b/c we already fuckin seen Rock and Cena at WM28 and I think going same match quily as that 1, and reason 2 is Punk and Taker I think will have Match of the Year but also have match of the last 5 years!
  15. I got then at Raw when it was in Buffalo NY Live 2 weeks ago. It was and Unbagging b/c I got it from event not mail in a box other it would be call and Unboxing.
  16. I agree Punk / Taker will top Cena / Rock from a quality stand point but it isn't on their level for starpower.
  18. What do you mean it does have the starpower? U got a 20-0 Streak at WM29 with 1 of the most RESPECT Wrestler of all time in The Undertaker and U got a guy who was WWE Heavyweight Champion for 434 Days the best records for the WWE Champion for the past 25 years. Uh I think has enough starpower. And CM Punk Wanteds RESPECT so that put into it to.

    Uh yes i can i not on a TV Show It at were house and me recored me on video of me Unboxing something or Unbagging something I do it all the time.
  19. Taker's streak is big but Rock is bigger as he's a massive Hollywood Star, Cena is the face of the WWE at somewhat around Taker's streak possibly bigger than it IMO, Punk is another level down from all them sorry.
  20. Punk is just a jabroni who will never main event Mania. Sorry Gohan
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