Gohan6425 talk about the asshole Owner Donald Sterling! Also talk about WHY NBA CAN'T Ban him!

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    I hate this guy but at same time you can't BAN an owner for life that own the dam team I tell you why in a video!

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  2. They can, and they did. This happens all the time in life actually Gohan. Shit, it happened to the great steve jobs. People get voted out of ownership, running their companies, etc. What he said was stupid, but I'm pretty sure that 20+ year profit he got from that team + selling it isn't much of a punishment. BTW he will go down as one of the worst owners of all time. I believe it's an all time worst winning percentage. That's pitiful
  3. Not really. U can't go to bar of owner and just said hey u can't owner this building anymore! LIke a govern go to a store owner and said sorry I making road here u can't just said u can't own this store anymore can u!? And like I said in my video if u watch I it I HATE GUY FOR WHAT HE DID! But as an owner u can't just fired him from being owner he the one paiding the bills for the team!
  4. He thinks it's the 1900's and he owns a team of slaves. He's bat shit crazy. That's why large marketable businesses are able to do that. He still gets all the money for selling it.
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  5. like I said dude I don't like him he ass for what he did. But I talking business side of this I owner the team. Just b/c NBA hate and we all hate does not me he is ablagated to sell his team he leagly OWNS! It like saying to foures Vince to sell WWE b/c of him aloting Wrestler to used Drugs and "giving it to them" put that like b/c he never really and was found not guily.
  6. In his contract it says if he violates the rules and bylaws of the NBA constitution he is subject to be removed as the owner of the team based on the voting outcome of a team owner's meeting.. if 3/4 of the owners (23 out of 30) vote that his owning an NBA team is detrimental to the league then he will be forced to sell or hand over ownership to a family member. It is in the contract he willingly signed upon purchasing the team... contract = legally binding. That sums it up.
  7. Here's the actual page from the NBA by laws explaining =)

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  8. Meh, I honestly can't give two shits. He is an old rich white guy, what do you expect? The guy's networth is over $2 billion, honestly don't think he cares what the NBA does, this guy is set for the 5-10 years left of his life.
  9. He bought the franchise for very little money, always ran it like a business, he spent very little money to buy it when he did and now he'll be able to sell it for BILLIONS. How could Donald Sterling possibly be upset with this great investment of his?

    From the NBA's standpoint, it's a horrible precedent to set, you're right Gohan
  10. Were did you get this!? and why did I not get nof. on this?
  11. I got the whole NBA constitution and By Laws in PDF format off the internet... I have no clue what you were trying to say in the second part of the question.
  12. i did not get a nofftion that u posted in here which u ulsal get in a thread u make.
  13. Oh okay... glitch maybe.. no telling.
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