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  2. Haha really good video, you said our forum name wrong (wweforums.net not wweforum.net :boss:).

    The first five minutes however you were defending CM Punk's status as best in the world by booking. I agree that the straight edge society was good, it could have been great if they used it properly.
  3. It's bomb not bumb. Being WWE champion doesn't make him the best in the world, neither do any kayfabe achievements. Use his 5* matches (vs Samoa Joe and John Cena) as a better argument. We're in denial because we say Ziggler is good but you rage at someone who says Punk isn't the best? He's good but I personally don't class him as the best.
  4. Well I ownly forgot the S so common now. And I put the Link in my D.Box spell the right way. As for the SES it was great the ownly thing I hated was CM Punk bread he had at the time it look like the bread of Fidel Castro. But yes Cm Punk is The Best Wrestler in The World!

    But he it did you watch the video? I said what make him the best in the world was he can make ANYONE 1 like good like HBK use to do! He give that what make the guy The Best Wrestler in the World not the Title!
  5. He can't make anyone look good, he had matches with the Big Show that bombed seriously.
  6. NO IT DID NOT! :sad:
  7. Haha dw I was joking :emoji_slight_smile:

    I didn't like his beard either to be honest.

    I see your point about Punk later in the video, he can make his opponents look good, but that's actually what Bryan is known for. It's interesting you compare Punk to HBK but Ziggler is more like HBK than Bryan or Punk.

    Not sure if you know what "selling" is, but Ziggler is the best seller in the company. He can take a simple bump like a DDT and make it look incredibly painful. He if anyone makes the opponents look good more than Punk or Bryan, but might lack the technical ability of those two.

    Punk is a damn good wrestler of course, and my opinion is just my opinion not fact, but Bryan is (imo) a better wrestler, only because of the more consistency and perhaps more technically difficult moves.

  8. This was good?
  9. I wish we had Bryan vs. Punk at WM 28 this year! Even though I know Punk and Y2J will have HELL A OF MATCH!But idk if you Live SD Main Event to BOTH KICK ASS IN THAT MATCH! If it have not been for the stop and the lack time that could have been MAIN EVENT PPV MATCH RIGHT THERE! It even got that vebw that it was! But in my opinion I think Punk better. But yes I know about Selling But I think Zigger is just not that get at doing think right from what I watch. What HBK did we wrestler that are not that good like Vince or anyone that not that good and make then wrestler there best he did with Cnea at WM23 and Punk did it to Cena last year at MITB of 2011. That what I think make the guy best in the world. Don't get wrong like I said in the video Bryan is a HELL WRESTLER but I just don't see yet at were Punk is at. he very couse though and if WWE does not fuck up and keep Bryan in the World Title Hunt he could at 1 point take the flame away from Punk like Punk did to Cena at Mitb a few year down the road!
  10. He still can't have a good match with anyone can he? Bryan managed it, so that's why many people class him as better.

  11. __________

    Dude that was when a Heel and WWE was making look bad! That why Punk want to leave WWE when his Contact ended b/c he was being missed use! And he can wrestler with anyone and make then look good when WWE give hime time to do it!
  12. Bryan was a heel and he put on a good match with the Big Show and Mark Henry. If he was the best why can someone carry the same wrestler to a more entraining match? They never limited his move set as much as they have Bryans.
  13. That b/c Bryan the World Champion Punk was not the World Champion and that were trying to make him LOOK BAD! B/c he piss of WWE manment!
  14. :sigh: If Punk was such a great wrestler he'd make the best of a bad situation. WWE made Bryan look bad after his US title win, what did he do? Pull of MOTYC with Ziggler and a great match with Ted. CM Punk pissed of the WWE management when? All I've heard is rumours about him upsetting Taker causing him to lose the belt. I don't believe those unless you can show me some proof?
  15. WWE were mad at him LOOK IT UP!
  16. Show me a source or don't make the claims. What you're basically doing know is trying to justify your opinion by feigning reports.
  17. Fact is no one can convince someone to prefer someone else. Let's agree to disagree. Hats off to you for making a video with your points in hand :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Look then up there not hard to find. I see then!
  19. I literally can't find anything beside the Undertaker thing which isn't a great report imo.
  20. You contradicted yourself in the video. First you said Randy Savage was the best of all time than you say Punk is the best.
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